Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to Stay Motivated to write your novel

Most of the time I lack motivation especially when real life kicks in and I become easily distracted that's one of the reasons i'm writing this blog topic this week. But I found that these tips have helped me in getting a novel written and as I learn and grow as a writer, they become more important and I hope some or all can help you too.

1. Think about why your unmotivated, write it down, or talk it over with someone who cares about your writing besides you. Talking or even writing it down helps me to sort it out and finding reasons and getting rid of distractions, if you must do the dishes before you write, if your like me do them to set your mind at ease.

2. Manage writing in small chunks or word sprints. I find that timed word sprints, many through out the day or just writing an outline, a chapter, a few pages at a time helps not to make writing so overwhelming.

3. Find balance in your life, this is not an easy one but I think 2. might help especially if you have kids, a job, want to read school or other priorities.

4. Do something you love to get yourself recharged, or lacking motivation. For me I’ll take a walk by the river, reading, watching You tube writing videos or a physical activity.

5. Surround your writing space with inspiration for your story, like pictures, candles, books.

6. Try keeping track of your daily, monthly or quarterly goals especially writing, checking them off is a great motivator

7. Track your novels progress by word goals, page goals and reward yourself for progress made.

8. Learning the process and craft of writing, I watch You tube writing videos and read books.

9. Why do you want to write in the first place? Do you just love to write, do you want to be published? Do you want to share your stories with family and friends? Is it your dream? These are all reasons I write and the most important in staying motivated for me

Share in the comments below some ways you stay motivated to write or if you want to try my tips if you think they can help you in any way.

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