Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Writing Wednesday: What am I afraid of?

 As I sit here at the keyboard writing this post about writing, I'm thinking of my story, when I walk my son to school, i'm thinking of my story, when i'm doing the dishes and pretty much anytime i'm thinking of my story.

 What am I afraid of?

 Having a agent want to read my first three chapters of my work in progress that could possibly lead to being traditionally published.

 What am I afraid of? 

Having writers and an agent tell me my story sounds fun and it has potential

 What am I afraid of?

 Being able to self publish my book, and having awesome writers and a well known book editor agree to work with me and read and critique my story.

What am I afraid of?

When these things are what some writers would love to have had happen to them

 What am I afraid of?

 Not writing, because I don't know where to go next in my story and constantly thinking about it is frustrating yet its all I want to think about so I can some how figure it out.

 Im afraid of... Not being good enough, what every writer is afraid of at some point, right? I feel like i'm the only one.

 I'm afraid... if I'm traditional published I won't be able to write at all.

 I'm afraid... that I only have one book in me

 I'm afraid... of writer's block and that i'm not smart enough to be a good writer.

 I'm afraid of...rejection.

Something other writers are afraid of and I feel like it's a big reflection on how I am and my writing is Despite all my fear, this has always been a dream that has not let go.

 The more I read the more I want to write. I want to be published and I know I will someday, some way. My confidence wains most of the time but the older I'm getting the more I want to be an author and have readers like maybe love my books.

 I want to follow through with something and not give up, because I have on other things, but not this, I have come so far in my story, that I won't turn back now and I've said that about other things too but the difference is I want this more than anything I have ever wanted.

I want to prove to my sons that you can accomplish dreams and that I can be something more than a mom and a wife and it's something most of all I want to prove to myself. Some days I feel like giving up writing, and there would be no writers block, no rejection, no feeling overwhelmed about the writing process.

 I love to write, it is my most favorite thing to do besides reading. I have ever known, it has and has always been since I first picked up and read my very first chapter book Charlotte's Web by E.B White at 6 years old and learned to read, that's when I knew, if someone could write a story that brought me this much joy and happiness and maybe I could write a story and make myself happy and in turn possibly make other happy too.

Please comment below with your fears as a writer and how you have over come them or even if you haven't. I would love to know and so would our readers.


  1. My fear is that I will put all the time and effort into it and no one will like it, buy it, want to read it. I keep telling myself that whether I write it or not, time will still pass. So it's not really time wasted. Just take the chance. But I'm still afraid. As I was reading this post I kept thinking "Yes!" "Yes! That's me exactly!".

  2. I am afraid that everyone will think it sucks and that maybe I am not a writer after all even though it's all I think about doing. I worry that I would have that great and fun word flow like a lot of my favorite cozy authors do. I think I have great ideas but putting them on paper is often harder than thinking it all in my head.

    I love this post, it has a lot of the ways I am thinking. Good luck with your writing!

  3. I'm AFrIaD of the 'hell' process!!! Better make sure you give editors and publishers what they ask for if you want your career or earn a living. They can tweek the story if they see it more fitting on public advantage and more seriously if they are going to pay you on contract, more a guarantee, which isn't bad. The fears in writing can be a major damper on what an amazing story you have to tell the public. But you can overcome Because there is still the familiar reminder of victory. Write your story.

  4. I am afraid of writing a whole book and then no one liking it. I know some say, "it's not about the destination it's about the journey" but after all that time and effort.... Thanks for writing these posts and sharing your vulnerability with us, as well as your dreams. I think we all share some if not all of them at one time or another..



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