Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Writing Wednesday: Be Accountable for your Writing

Be Accountable for your Writing

 I like the “idea” of planning but when it comes down to it, I fail. I totally blame laziness. I have a note book with “Things to do Today” that I purchased with the sole mission of getting my writing and blog and reading life organized as a title that is still blank. I now have an agenda given to me by my best friend where my plan is to schedule this blog and my writing and reading goals in it, we shall see how it works.

 I don't even have a notebook full of ideas though I own many notebooks with that intention, I always keep them in my head, I won't actually write anything down until I actually start outlining and plotting out my story and keep all my ideas in my head.

 I am currently writing my first in a series cozy mystery right now, i'm close to 30,000 words at almost 21 chapters, I have been accountable for that since I started April of last year and I'm trying to be more accountable for jotting down ideas and making to-do list and agenda but i'm just not there yet. So I tried but finding it hard to be accountable in those ways but i'm still trying.

 Ways I stay accountable to writing:

 Tell someone who cares your writing goals

 1. I will tell some one, like a friend, my husband or a writer friend what your goal is say for the day or even that you want to write a book, then I feel I have to write and get something accomplished because I have a fear of disappointing them and myself mostly. If they are your friend and love and care they would care about your goal too. Even mentioning it on social media, I found I will most likely accomplish it more than if I don't, don't ask me why , maybe it's because most of my friends and followers are writes (I found this works best for me)

 Make writing a Priority

 2. Make time in your day to write, and even if its for 10 or 20 minutes sprints at various times a day your will find you will get a lot accomplished and writer. Either get up early, I wouldn't recommend going to bed late, when you get home from school or work, after dinner. My motto is any amount of words is better than no words.

 Join a writers group.

 3. I have been a part of writers groups eg, on Facebook awhile but just now due to shyness but now have become some what involved.I now am part of a Google hangout on Saturdays with a few writers, where we talk about our writing and do sprints. I will be accountable to those ladies.

 Just a little back ground on myself. I have wanted to start a writing feature on my blog since I changed the blogs name back in December. I have had a dream of writing books since I was 8 years old, I started books and short stories and poetry and songs, I was only published once one of my poems what published in anthology that you had to buy yourself, guess that don't really count.

 Writing has always been my passion and I hope you get something out of Writing Wednesday, I did mean to blog about this past Nanowrimo but that was something that didn't happen, but I be accountable to that in the future. I will love to be be able to share my tips, my process, and my writing journey, with you.

Though now I am debating between self and traditional publishing, I still have a while to go before this first book is finished and I will get published and that is something I want to be accountable for. I want to also to be accountable to not just my writing but writing reviews and blogging for writing wednesday for A Cozy Girl Reads and Writes and to you my reader.

 I am not a published writer, but I have been writing most of my life, if you have any questions you want me to address in any Writing Wednesday in the future, I would be happy to have your suggestions, just comment below.

 Thank you for reading.

 Happy Writing, Happy Reading.


  1. I am trying to write a cozy mystery too, but I cut my ownself down by not thinking it's going to be any good so it stops me from writing, then I start again and the cycle repeats. I actually have a couple of have done books but I am afraid to finish for some reason. I have made this year the year I finish one, even if it sucks at least I tried. I figured the more I write the better I will get but not writing isn't accomplishing anything. Great post.

  2. Thanks for sharing your writing goals and ideas. One of my goals is to write a cozy mystery as well. I have some good ideas but ideas don't mean a whole lot if they never make it onto the paper. Your suggestion of utilizing even small time blocks gives me encouragement and hope. I wish you, Stormi and any others out there the very best!



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