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Book Review: Kingdom Come by Jane Jensen

 Title: Kingdom Come
 Author: Jane Jensen
 Series: Book 1 An Elizabeth Harris Novel
 Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
 Format: Paperback
 Source: Purchased on Amazon
 Star Rating: 5 out 5 stars
 Reviewed by: Marlene

 Detective Elizabeth Harris finds herself in the middle of not only a murder investigation but in a silent cultural rift between the Amish and the English. After returning to Pennsylvania from New York following the murder of her beloved husband, Terry she is looking for the simple life she once came from. What she ends up finding is far from simple and reminding her of the crimes she once investigated in New York.

 When the body of a young girl is found on an Amish farm, one that was not Amish it sparks something in Elizabeth that she will not let go of but when a second victim is found in connection she becomes obsessed with finding justice for these two girls. Two girls from separate worlds found dead in their opposite worlds. Along with her superior, Detective Grady and her fellow officers, Smith and Hernandez they will walk the fine line of investigating a murder while respecting the laws of a very sealed off community.

This becomes increasingly difficult when certain allegations arise on both sides of the fence, allegations with the Amish and the police. Elizabeth in particular who has befriended a young Amish man in a turbulent time in his life. Soon, however they conceive a bond no one would allow or understand.

 I sincerely enjoyed the story. Just like most I picture the Amish to be sort of a dream world where it is picturesque and ideal. I was given some insight into their ideals through this story. Unfortunately, there is no such place as utopia and even the most righteous like people have their dark secrets and flaws. I also found that this story was very emotional, not dramatic but it brings you on a ride of Elizabeth's emotional state past and present.

 As for Elizabeth I loved her, her devotion, determination and the boundaries she gave herself to stay in check with her emotions, although sometimes they peeked through. I felt frustrated with the women of the Amish, not how they were written but because that is their lives and I just don't know how they do it. I could never live in a patriarchal society.

Looking forward to reading the next chapter in Elizabeth's life, the newest in the series, In The Land Of Milk And Honey. Look for my review/giveaway on August 28.

 FTC Disclosure: Thank you to the publisher and/or author or Net Galley and Windsor Public Library in Windsor, Ontario Canada for providing us with a copy of this book for review.This did not influence our thoughts in any way. All opinions on the books are our own.

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