Friday, February 12, 2016

Audio Book Review: The Marsh Madness by Victoria Abbott

Title: The Marsh Madness
 Author: Victoria Abbott
Narrator: Carla Mercer-Meyer
 Series: Book 4 A Book Collector Mystery
 Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery/Tantor Audio
 Format: Audio CD
 Source: Received from Hoopla Digital/Windsor Public Library
 Rating: 5 Stars
 Reviewed by: Tina

 Imagine your getting on a roller coaster, your buckled in the seat. Your heart is pounding with anticipation, your palms are sweaty as you grip on to the handles. Your head starts to w when the roller coaster starts up. You feel suspense building, then your off. Twists and turns and suddenly your upside down. And suddenly your afraid. Then slowly you come down again and everything is calm and your happy and excited and want to do it all over again. That's how listening to The March Madness by Victoria Abbott made me feel.

 Jordan Bingham works for aging spinster, Vera Van Alst. She researches where to find the rarest first editions of mystery novels from some of the greatest mystery writers. Jordan enjoys her life and her job. She lives in a cozy attic in Vera's house and has delicious Italian meals cooked for her by the Italian Singnora. Vera, Jordan and Jordan's uncle, Kev who is no stranger to the wrong side of the law are invited to Chadwick Kauffman's home, Summerlea his estate, a home that Jordan just loves. Chadwick is the heir to the Kauffman fortune.

 Chadwick wants to sell off his deceased stepfathers, Ngaio March first editions and Vera is the first person he called. So they head to Summerlea and are treated to a delicious lunch from the wait staff and Vera purchases the Marsh first editions with not to much fan fare. The very next day, shock fills the Van Elst household when they learn that Chadwick has fallen down the grand staircase at Summerlea.
But soon is  proven that Chadwick and everyone at the lunch at Summerlea is not who they said they were and just as suddenly, Vera, Jordan and uncle Kev are the number one suspects in Chadwick's murder. Jordan is determined to prove they are innocent and find out who could want to frame them.

 Suspenseful, fast-paced, on the edge of your seat. Like being on a roller coaster of thrills. These are my most favorite characters in any cozy mystery series. I even love Vera because "all she cares for are the books". a lot like me if I do say so. The narration by Carla Mercer-Mayer was very entertaining and fun to listen to as she impersonated each character making them come to life in my mind like the action was being played out right in front of me.

 Victoria Abbott make a incredible mother-daughter writing team. The plot and the writing were amazing and finding out who the murderer was left me dumbfounded and for me highly not expected but not surprising. I can't wait for the next one. If I could give this book more that five stars, the stars would be endless.

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