Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve From A Cozy Girl Reads

Merry Christmas Eve to all that follow A Cozy Girl Reads book blog. I appreciate and love you all and thank you for your support. Many good wishes of love and happiness for the holiday season.

 And may you receive many books and gift cards for books under your tree or in your stockings and be sure to give the gift of books too and unlock an adventure for someone you love and care for. It's the best gift you could give. Stay tuned for many new release cozy mystery book reviews and giveaways in January here
on the blog.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Book Review/Giveaway: Engaged in Danger by Barbara Venkataraman

Title: Engaged In Danger
 Author: Barbara Venkataraman
 Series: Book 4 A Jamie Quinn Mystery
 Publisher: Self published
 Format: PDF
 Source: Received for review from author
 Star Rating: 5 out 5
 Reviewed by: Marlene

 Jamie Quinn is in over her head when Nan Glasser wife of notorious lawyer Marvin Glasser wants a divorce and for her to represent her. Even though she tried to pass her along to another lawyer, her and her friend Grace end up taking the case. Along with helping her neighbors, Sandy and Mike find out what happened to Sandy's twin sister Sara and her husband Jamie has her plate full. If that isn't enough to keep her head spinning, her boyfriend Kip has left for for Australia for three months on the eve of her mother's anniversary death, Duke, her go to private eye is in the middle of his own relationship drama and soon her and Grace are at odds.

 While her world personally and professionally spirals downward and out of control she finds her inner strength to keep on moving through it, sometimes with the help of a bottle of wine and her friendemy cat Mr. Paws (Previously known as Mr. Pain in the ass, I think). Through exhaustive research and investigating she soon finds that not everything and everyone is not who they seem to be. As soon as she thinks she is getting the hang of what is going on around her, her and Grace have an attempt made on there lives. Thus, one act causing all pieces to fall into place.

  This is quite the story full of drama that is action packed, with twists, turns and it doesn't stop. It was like reading a maze. I also love the characters, they are very relatable. I identify with Jamie quite a bit, her insecurities, feeling out of place in a career choice that sometimes doesn't suit her anymore, her quirkiness with her friend Grace. She's great.

 Then there is Grace and Duke two good friends that no matter what have her back. I also enjoyed Marvin Glasser, I think he is the perfect example of the male ego. Doing what he wants to get what he wants without consideration of others till someone finally stands up and says enough. Then he's off running trying to do damage control to contain his mess. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and look forward to the next in the Jamie Quinn series.

FTC Disclosure Thank you to the publisher and/or author for providing us with a copy of this book for review.This did not influence our thoughts in any way. All the opinions of the book and review are honest and our own.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Book Review: Death of a Mad Hatter by Jenn McKinlay

Title: Death of a Mad Hatter
Author: Jenn McKinlay
Series: Book 2 A Hat Shop Mystery
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Source: Library
Format: Paperback
Rating:  5 stars
Reviewed by: Tina 

While on my book break from my blog I took a break from mysteries and found I missed reading them more and more and while on my search after much thought and debate with myself I wanted a mystery that was set in England because I always wanted to go there and I looked no further that Jenn McKinlay's Hat Shop mysteries. I had read the first one, "Cloche and Dagger" and enjoyed it so off to the library I went to get "Death of a Mad Hatter."

The Grisby's are quite the family, a typical and highly disfunctional one but unlike most of us one of them could possibly have murder in their hearts. Scarlet Parker reigning from the States and her British Cousin, Viv Tremont work in their grandmothers hat shop called "Mim's Whims" picturesque, England to make hats for a "Alice in Wonderland" themed afternoon tea for a fundraiser for a local children's hospital. 

The Grisbys want to raise enough money being a high society family to name a wing in the hospital after the family patriarch who has since passed away. The families "heir" and the Mad Hatter of the party is found dead by Scarlet when poison was found on the hat that he was wearing. 

That's when the Grisby's really start to show their true colors and amongst all the family problems with its share of drama Scarlet wants to try to help find out wanted this "Heir" to the Grisby fortune dead. With Harrison, the shops business manager trying to put a stop to Scarlet's "investigating" out of so called concern for her, tension between them mounts. Not listening to Harrison, Scarlet  sets out to find a killer before she find herself in a proverbial rabbit hole for good. 

Author Jenn Mckinlay is so good at character development and bringing her characters to life. For example, Harrison and Scarlet, some how I'm rooting for them to come together and find each other and it was brilliant how Ms McKinlay wove in the tension between them. That's what brings me back to reading Jenn Mckinlay's mysteries again and again is the way she writes, her themes and who her characters are.

 When you find yourself sitting there and wondering whats going to happen to a certain character you know that series you will want to read more of and it doesn't hurt to have a sexy British man like Harrison to dream about either. 

FTC Disclosure:  All the opinions of the book and review are honest and our own.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Cozy Girl Reads is back !!!!

Very happy to announce that Marlene and I are back from our break and will are still reading and will be bringing you book reviews and giveaways of many cozy mystery new releases on the A Cozy Girl Reads blog coming soon. This week we will be bringing you 2 reviews and a hopeful giveaway and possibly more this month too.

 Then we will be reading and reviewing and posting getting ready for January new cozy mystery releases. I certainly needed the break and I have been missing reading mysteries and the blog and have been reading every spare moment I have despite my family issues but mostly cookbooks witch is my other reading passion.

Reading has always been there like a loyal friend and my escape always. Thank you for all of you that are reading this and your support in continuing the be fans of our page and followers to the blog. Also thank you to my husband Nick who is in charge of giveaways and my son Dylan who picks the winners and Marlene to take the time to read and review. I'm so thankful to everyone that's a part of this blog to help make it what it is.


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