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Audiobook Review/Hardcover Book Giveaway: Murder, She Wrote Killer in the Kitchen by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

Title: Murder, She Wrote Killer in the Kitchen
Author: Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain
Narrated by: Sandra Burr
Series: Book 43 Murder, She Wrote
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Source: Amazon
Format: Audio Book
Genre: Mystery
Rating: Five Stars
Reviewed by: Tina

There's no denying that I am the biggest fan of Murder, She Wrote and culinary mysteries. When I heard about Killer in the Kitchen I was very excited that my two favorite elements would come together. Murder, She Wrote and a foodie mystery. The Fin & Claw Restaurant is Brad and Marcie Fowler's dream. So they decide with the financial help of Brad's mother and a dear friend to mystery writer and Cabot Cove resident Jessica, Isabelle to open the restaurant in Cabot Cove, Maine. Barreling into town is Chef Gerard Leboeuf who has a summer home in Cabot cove and is a famous chef in New York City.

Chef LeBoeuf is to open a French restaurant in Cabot Cove right next to The Fin & Claw in direct competition with them. It worries Marcie what the fate of their restaurant will be with Chef LeBoeuf's renovated warehouse restaurant right next door.Jessica has a brief history with Chef LeBoeuf, she interviewed him for research for her latest mystery she was writing in New York City  At the opening night at The Fin & Claw Chef Brad and  Chef LeBoeuf get into a heated showdown and Chef LeBoeuf waltzes out with his entourage with Jessica and the whole of Cabot Cove looking on. Inside the kitchen of Chef LeBoeuf, the famed chef is found stabbed to death . It's only natural that Brad becomes a suspect but with Chef LeBoeuf's arrogant personality and shady dealings with his restaurant crew someone else could possibly be the killer and Jessica makes it her mission to find out.

Jessica's soft spoken presence and she has a way about her when it comes to solving crime. She does a great job at not making it look like she's not interfering in other people's business. She always solves the crime before Sheriff Mort. Jessica is my very favorite ameteur sleuth of all time. This series will stand the test of time and Killer in the Kitchen was highly entertaining with the narration of Sandra Burr,she had the Maine accents of Dr Seth Hazlitt down to a tee and they were very pleasurable and humorous to listen too. Waiting to find out who Chef LeBeouf's killer was had me on the edge of my seat. Being anyone could have done it it was just which one of them actually did it. Murder, She Wrote Killer in the Kitchen is a perfect mystery for foodie mystery fans and for fans of Mrs Fletcher, mystery writer and ameteur sleuth of Cabot Cove, Maine.

FTC Disclosure: Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy of this book for review.This did not influence my thoughts in any way. All the opinions of the book and review are my own.

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    thanks for the chance.

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    Carol Smith

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    skkorman AT bell south DOT net

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