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Book Review/Giveaway Grimm's Furry Tail By Kathi Daley

Title: Grimm's Furry Tail
Author: Kathi Daley
Series: Book 3 A Whales and Tails Mystery
Publisher: Kathi Daley Books
Format: kindle ebook
Source: Received for Review from Author
Rating: Four Stars
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewed by: Tina

It always seems that Cait always finds herself in these situations where she finds a dead body and this time there's is no exception. Cait and her friend Cody, whom also shares a romantic past with Cait are on the case of a mysterious murder that occured twenty six years ago. Cody just purchased the town newspaper, Madrona Island News from the current owner, Orson. While in the newspaper office Cody came  across the unpublished article and wonders why it was never published and soon along with Cait starts to investigate and all the pieces start falling together.

Cody wants to find out why this article was never published and decides to ask Orson about it so he calls him and Orson's son tells him that is already on his way to the Island. Cody then wonders why but it will all soon start to unravel.

While riding her bike on the bike trail along the beach, Cait comes across a body buried in the sand that is not moving she then calls the police to report it. Cait finds it so hard to believe that there could be yet another murder after the two previous ones on her beloved Island home.

They were all surprised to find that it was the previous owner of the news paper, Madrona Island News, Orson. But was he really murdered or was it just a terrible accident? and Cait is wondering if the reason why he is dead is because of Cait and Cody investigating the unpublished Orson wrote so many years ago. It is discovered that Orson was in fact murdered now Cait and Cody want to find the truth about this article and it's story and why Orson was murdered and what his connection could possibly.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention a cute, adorable kitten named Emily that shows up at Cait's door. Cait once again wonders if she is here to help her solve the mystery of the article and Orson's murder, Emily's hidden clues could unlock the mystery and solve the murder if only Cait will connect the dots.

A Brilliantly written cozy mystery with charming characters with a homey setting on Madrona Island it really makes you want to be there. A favorite for me is Cait's aunt Maggie's cat Sanctuary where she takes in abandoned and helps solve the over population of feral cats on the island by providing them good homes and hope that her character is brought more to the forefront and developed in future books considering her past and what she has been through. Kathi Daley never fails with the telling of this tail and of the mystery and murder solving adventures of Cait and her friends and residents of Madrona Island. Looking forward to reading and reviewing the next in this series.

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