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Book Review/Giveaway The Mad Catter By Kathi Daley

Title: The Mad Catter
Author: Kathi Daley
Series: Book 2 Whales and Tails Mystery
Publisher: Kathi Daley Books
Format: kindle ebook
Source: Received for review from publisher
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Rating: Four Stars
Reviewed by: Tina Diamond

 As Cait and her childhood love and friend Cody visit the church to acquire sheet music for the church choir, they witness an argument going on between Father Killian and Cait and Cody's third grade teacher, Mrs Trexler. On the way out of the church Cait finds Mrs Trexler dead on the floor of the church. It's only natural that Cait along with her friends are trying to find who poisoned her aunt want to try to figure out how Mrs Trexler died when it's later discovered by Finn, of the police department that she was murdered.

While all this mayhem is going on Cait and her best friend Tara are remodeling the old cannery, to open their new business "Coffee Cat Books" a bookshop/cafe/cat lounge . But with Tara getting the brunt of the work to keep the contractors on track. Cait knows she is slacking off and not being the business partner she should.

Cait is determined to figure out who poisoned her Aunt Maggie's tea to try to make her aunt sick, she then discovers that there could be a connection between the two crimes and maybe possibly the same person committed them. There's still trouble going on with the  land development on Madrona Island and someone is trying to stop Aunt Maggie from having a seat on the council it seems buy trying to keep her down by poisoning her. Cait soon along with a little help from her friends is piecing together not only the island's rich history but a downright evil killer.

I loved getting to know Cait and her family and friends. Kindhearted and genuine characters with hearts of gold. Cait has a good heart and a sense of community when it comes to her family and friends. A determined sleuth but who stops at nothing to get the answers she and her community deserves. If you love cats you will also love Aunt Maggie's Cat Sanctuary that Cait helps run by rescuing her latest cat named, Alice who also becomes a vital key to solving the crime.I can't wait to read and review the next book in this series.

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