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Book Review/Giveaway: Death by Didgeridoo by Barbara Venkataraman

   Title: Death by Didgeridoo
  Author: Barbara Venkataraman
  Series: Book 1 A Jamie Quinn Mystery
  Publisher: Self Published By Amazon
  Format: PDF
  Rating: Four Stars
  Source: Received for review from author
  Reviewed by: Marlene

Didgeridoo [ ˌdijərēˈdo͞o ]
 noun: didgeridoo · plural noun: didgeridoos · noun: didjeridu · plural noun: didjeridus · noun: didjeridoo · plural noun: didjeridoos an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument in the form of a long wooden tube, traditionally made from a hollow branch, which is blown to produce a deep, resonant sound, varied by rhythmic accents of timbre and volume.

 When I read the title of this book I believed Didgeridoo was possibly referred to some sort of gypsy or voodoo curse of some kind. I would never have thought it was a musical instrument. When I found out in the story what is was I had to look it up on youtube. I am not sure how to describe the sound but it is very calming.

 Jamie Quinn is a young family lawyer with no direction in her life since her mother passed away. That all changes when her Aunt Peg calls her to help her autistic son out of a murder charge. Jamie torn between the guilt of not keeping in touch with her family and thrusting herself into the world of criminal law, something she knows nothing about recruits her best friend and Lawyer herself, Grace and a shady Casanova PI, Duke to help her navigate through this. Soon she finds the victim has more then his fair share of enemies from past band mates, jealous husbands and ex-lovers but it will take a lot to convince the hot shot District Attorney Nick Dimitropoulos that there is more capable suspects out there then her cousin, Adam.

 I really liked how the story flowed, it was a very easy read and even though it is a novella there was lot of emphasis on the characters. I really enjoyed the twist it took in the investigation and what drove Jamie to continue. The characters of this story were great, engaging and helped propel the story line. I love Jamie who is lost and needs to find her way again. Her level headed friend Grace always there to keep her on track and help her indulge when needed. I even liked Duke, fun and flirty but underneath you know he's a good guy.

 Looking forward to reading another Jamie Quinn mystery.


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  1. Oh, new author for me, would love to read this novel, thanks for the chance, it looks great :)

  2. I'd love the ebook.

  3. Sounds great, I have a Didgeridoo :). Would love to read this , if I'm lucky a ebook would be wonderful

  4. Oooh another set of books to look out for! I would love to win and wouldn't mind either audio or e-book (

  5. Wow! I would to listen to this book so audio!! The didgeridoo is amazing to listen to and feel! I had the priviledge to being at museum performance. We were invited onto the wooded stage and could feel waves with our feet and hands of the sounds of this instrument.

    Thank you so much for this chance to win!


  6. This story sounds very intriguing. I would love an audio book.

  7. This is good sounding book. I like an ebook as I can't hear the audio

  8. Sounds great! I would like ebook, please. Thank you for the fantastic contest!

  9. Wasn't there a song about a digeridoo many years ago? I'd love to win this book---either an audio or an ebook would be fine.

  10. I'm very much into world music and digeridoos are cool instruments! I would love an ebook.

  11. I'm very much into world music and digeridoos are cool instruments! I would love an ebook.

  12. audio book please. Love odd instruments - I have a dulcimer.
    Sounds like a fun read.

  13. New author to enjoy - yay! Ebook if I win.

  14. I really enjoyed this book, and the narration on the audiobook is great! Book 2 in the series is good too!

  15. Sounds great! I would love an eBook. Thanks for the chance!

    I would love to win an ebook. Thanks for the chance.
    Kathy Meik

  17. Barbara Venkataraman is a new author for me, and the book sounds great.
    I would like to win an ebook of Death by Didgeridoo. Thank you.

  18. Lovely contest...I would like to win an ebook...Sounds great.

  19. Definitely the audiobook! Thanks for the contest!

  20. Sounds like I would enjoy this book. Prefer ebook.

  21. hope I entered in time for this giveaway!!
    thank you!!

    cyn209 at juno dot com



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