Thursday, February 5, 2015

Book Review: Town in A Sweet Pickle by B.B. Haywood

Title; Town in A Sweet Pickle
Author: B.B. Haywood
Series: Book 6 A Candy Holliday Mystery
Publisher: Berkley
Format: Paperback
Source: Received for Review from Publisher
Star Rating 3
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewed By: Tina Diamond

Its the bicentennial edition of interim editor, Candy Holliday's news paper in the town of Cape Willington, Maine. All this farming  town is abuzz with excitement for a cook off that Candy and her Community Correspondent, Wanda are organizing and putting on. All the villagers are very anxious to see celebrity cookbook chef, Julia von Fleming be a judge at the event and appear at a book signing for her cookbook.

The Community Cook off begins and there's a jar of pickles on one of the tasting tables and it seems out of place because there is a label on it and the entries are not allowed to be labeled. Since the label is from the Sweet Pickle Deli a deli that has since closed down. Everyone thinks that the pickles the the best thing since sliced bread and can't get enough of them .

Not being able to resist Candy's father's friend, Ned eats one of the pickles and soon falls to his death. Other jars of pickles begin showing up around town and it claims another victim and makes others sick. Julia is convinced someone is out to get her after she almost comes close to biting the deadly pickle. The town in convinced that Candy will solve the mystery to find out who is behind the perished pickles and suspects and the towns secrets start to emerge even after Candy becomes a suspect herself.

This mystery  is filled with small town charm. It was my first taste of this series and it had me craving these pickles, deadly or not. The Community Cook off had me as a self professed foodie hooked into the story. I loved the inside look into all the characters that live in this town that have made their farms their life and the country feel but not all of the residents lived peaceful, quiet happy lives as a few did have secrets that also made this a page turner to also wonder who the killer among them would be. I hope Candy will be organizing many of the towns festivities and hopefully all relating to food for many, many books to come in this gratifying series.

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  1. I've read a couple of these and enjoyed them. I must get back to this series.



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