Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Review: This Old Homicide by Kate Carlisle

 Title: This Old Homicide
 Author: Kate Carlisle
 Series: Book 2 A Fixer-Upper Mystery
 Publisher: The Penguin Group
 Format: Paper back
 Source: Received for review from Publisher
 Rating: Four Stars
 Reviewed by: Marlene Patterson

 Shannon Hammer is a contractor that specializes in restoring old victorian homes in her little town of Lighthouse Cove in Northern California. She has a great business, home, friends and her hands full of eye candy with author Mac Sullivan living above her garage and new police chief Eric Jenson.

 As her friend Janes's opening for her new bed and breakfast comes near the town is a buzz and mourning with the latest murder. One that hits closer to home then Shannon likes. Since this is someone she personally knew Shannon feels compelled to find out what happened, but with a list of evergrowing suspects she soon finds herself grasping at straws.

 I enjoyed the second book very much and love Shannon, she is a strong independant female I can respect. Love her friends too. I was sadden by the loss in this book but it made for a great story and gave background to one of the supporting characters. I would love to see that grow in future books. Would like to learn more about Marigold (hint, hint).

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review THIS OLD HOMICIDE!



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