Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book Review: Darned if You Do By Monica Ferris

 Title: Darned If You Do
 Author: Monica Ferris
 Series: Book 18 A Needle Craft Mystery
 Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group
 Format: Hardcover
 Source: Received for review from Publisher
 Star Review - 3.75
 Reviewed by: Marlene Patterson

 Store owner of Crewel World and amateur sleuth, Betsy Devonshire is back along with her Monday Bunch to help clear a woman accused of murdering her own cousin due to the unforeseen fortune that may lay in his overly cluttered home. Betsy is first requested to help group people together to help with the organization and disposal of the victim's items after his cousin, Valentina Shipp obtains an emergency conservatorship from the county to do so. With all the help Valintina starts to see all the treasures her cousin has found over the years.

 Soon Valentina's cousin is found dead in his hospital room and due to her being the sole heir looking to inherit his small hidden away fortine she is the main suspect. Betsy is then requested to help her out, at first apprehensive about doing so she soon sees that she may be Valintina's last hope at staying out of prison. Including her boyfriend Conner, her assistant Gowin and her Monday Bunch they start there search for who really killed Valentina's cousin for his small fortune.

 I really identified with Valentina more so then with Betsy, a little rough around the edges, misunderstood and generally dismissed. I could see how coming into a community as laid out in the story could be a little intimidating and would put your gaurd up. She came into this small upscale community that she didn't really belong in but soon found friends, to help her, take her in and believe in her. There should be more places like this in the world.

 The story was also close to me dealing with a family member that has hoarding tendencies (It's why I chose to read it) and I thought it would sort of give me a preview into what is to come. It was a very good story and also touched base on a growing issue and how our government systems don't really involves itself in helping the people behind the stuff.

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