Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book Review: Snoop to Nuts by Elizabeth Lee

Title: Snoop to Nuts
Author: Elizabeth Lee
Series: Book 2 A Nut House Mystery
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Format: Paperback
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Received for Review from Publisher
Reviewed by: Tina

Rating: 4 stars

The Ag Fair is Riverville, Texas is all set for the Pecan Contest.  Amelia Blanchard is a shoe in to win with her Heavenly Texas Pecan Caviar that could possibly win a blue ribbon. Granddaughter, Lindy is busy on the family pecan farm and also helps out at her Amelia "Meemaw's"  store the "Nut House" serving up delicious treats.

The contest is soon under way and the judges are tasting each and every dish but when one judge, Pastor Jenkins tastes Amelia's  Pecan Caviar he is soon struck with  a bitter taste in his mouth and falls to the floor, it is soon discovered that he was poisoned by Amelia's Pecan Caviar and dies. The town of Riverville is rallying around Amelia in support of her believing she would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Lindy wants to clear her grandmother and the Blanchard family name and she soon discovers there's trouble and a few someones in Riverville are nuttier than "Meemaw's" Pecan Caviar.

Sweet southern charm with characters nuttier than Amelia's treats from the Nut house. Loved the church ladies and the "Most Original Pecan Treat"   Competition. Very well written with a feeling you were right there in Texas along with Lindy trying to track down a killer.

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