Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Book Review: Books,Cooks and Crooks By Lucy Arlington

 Title: Books, Cooks, and Crooks
 Author: Lucy Arlington
 Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
 Series: Book 3 Novel Idea Mysteries
 Source: Amazon
 Format: ebook
 Genre:Cozy Mystery
 Rating: five stars
 Reviewed By: Tina Diamond

Excitement is in the air at the Novel Idea Literary Agency. Lila and her co workers invited world famous TV chefs to Inspiration Valley to be a part of the Taste of the Town Festival filled with many book and food related events. The chefs are not all that they seem when their egos clash and get in the way. When an explosion in the kitchen oven suddenly kills chef Joel Lang and it soon comes to light that Joel's death was no accident, Lila along with her policeman boyfriend,Sean need to find the killer that damaged the Arts Centre and could possibly destroy the Taste of The Town Festival.

Chef Klara Patrick is a chef that has a lot to hide. She is not well liked by her employees and all of the other chefs seem to have in  for her like a certain chefs had it in for Chef Joel.She puts on a show for all to see but behind her facade lies a deceitful person. Drinking a coffee from Lila's best friend, Makayla's "Expresso Yourself" Coffee Shop, she unknowingly drinks a coffee laced with arsonic and dies. With another death of a chef looming over the Novel Idea Literary Agency and The Taste of the Town Festival, Lila turns to her policeman boyfriend and some surprising characters to help her solve this murder and save The Novel Idea Literary Agency and the Taste of The Town Festival.

Perfect mystery for foodies. Food descriptions that have your mouth watering. The chefs were very dynamic and dramatic characters and kept this story alive wanting to know if any of them could have killed their fellow chefs in such brutal ways. As always the killer was someone you least expected but I had feelings of sorrow and heartbreak for. Romance is also in the air for a certain someone in Inspiration Valley and it had me literally in tears . This book was on my to be read list for awhile but so glad I finally took the time to read it, It is also a favorite series of mine so I'm working on reading them all so make it yours too.

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  1. I read this one (as well as the others in the series), and loved it. Can't wait for the new release!

  2. Thanks for commenting and reading my review. This is one of my favorite series but I'm not caught up yet



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