Friday, December 5, 2014

Book Review: Meow if it's Murder by T.C. LoTempio

Title: Meow if it's Murder
Author: T.C. LoTempio
Series: Book 1 Nick & Nora Mystery
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Received for Review From Publisher
Format: Paperback
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewed by: Tina

Rating: 4 stars

It seems that crime reporting is in Nora Charles blood because she can't seem to get it out of her system. She moves back to her hometown of Cruz, California after her mother passes away to run Hot Bread, her mothers sandwich shop and leave Chicago and crime reporting behind. Soon a cat finds Nora and she names him, Nick. He has designs on being her affectionate and fun loving animal.

Along with running the sandwich shop, Nora writes for a local online magazine, Noir. Nora is determined to get her boss at Noir to approve of her writing an article on the death of socialite, Lola Grainger. He is reluctant because it was deemed a open and shut case but Nora suspects otherwise.

It's like fate that Nick previously belonged to a PI also named Nick and he disappeared while also investigating Lola's death. Nick the cat is beginning to show signs and clues that he also knows more about the case and works with Nora to try to help solve the case of the mysterious death of Lola Grainger.

 I fell in love with Nick the cat, not only because he shares my husband and son's name so I had to pick up this book about a cat named Nick to see what he was all about but because he is a  smart and handsome fellow. Nick and Nora are a match made in heaven, one of the best cat sleuths since  Diesel from Miranda James' s Cat in the stacks mysteries. What I like about Nora is she is a no nonsense  type of gal and the fact that she is a crime writer had me wanting to pick up this book. A great cozy mystery  could not be complete with out food, running her mother's sandwich shop brought a great spin to the story  with me being a culinary mystery fan. I can't wait to go on another crime fighting adventure with Nick and  Nora in the next book.

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