Sunday, November 2, 2014

Book Review: Deadlines: A Written to Death Mystery by E.Hepner

  Title: Deadlines: A Written to Death Mystery
  Author: E. Hepner
  Genre: Cozy Mystery
  Series: A Wriiten to Death Mystery, Book 1
  Publisher: Smashwords Edition
  Format: PDF
  Source: Received for review from author
  Reviewed by: Marlene

 Every small town has their secrets and their gossip and faithful townies to keep the cycle going. Ainsley Moss is returning to Aurora Falls after finishing college to her granparents home. Soon after moving home, her grandparents and mother conspire to find her a job, the local papers new obituary writer and a place to live, renting a room off of a school yard boyfriend. If that isn't enough in one day she is also attacked by her once friend turned enemy, Juliet, that later turns up murdered and she is immediately the prime suspect.

 Ainsley must scrammble to write the perfect obit for her predecessor, her old enemy, dodging advances from the charming Gage and solving the murder she was accused of. As she follow the clues, the circumstances around Juliet's life and murder open up more and more lies and secrets. Secrets that lead back to her past and present activities with men and family.

 I loved the characters in this book, Ainsley is awesome and a perfect example you can't judge a book by their cover. Gage is the perfect modern gentlemen, we need those in reality. The story itsself has a lot of heart asides from it's twists and turns. And I loved how it included the obituaries Ainsley wrote.


  1. Thank you so much, I'm super thrilled you loved my book!

  2. Your welcome, My reviewer thanks you for the wonderful feedback

  3. Thanks for introducing me to this story. Looks like I will be adding another book to my to be read list.



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