Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Review: The Christie Curse by Victoria Abbott

 Title: The Christie Curse
 Author: Victoria Abbott
 Series: A Book Collector Mystery Book 1
 Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group
 Genre: Cozy Mystery
 Format: Paperback
 Source: Received for review from Author
 Reviewed by: Marlene

 Jordan Bingham a recent college graduate finds herself retreating back to her home town of Harrison Falls. Due to lack of employment and the fact her ex has maxed out her credit cards. Now she is living with her uncle's above their could be, could be not so on the level antique shop. Luckily she lands what she believes will be a great job after some resistance from her new employer Miss Van Alst, one of the town's most hated resident's. Jordan has been set to hunt down a possible unpublished play by Agatha Christie written during her eleven day disappearance in 1926.

 But soon enough Jordan is faced with the fact that the last employee of Miss Van Alst died under suspicious circumstances, a stalker cop, grieving parent's/fiance, multiple attacks on the contacts she has made to try and find the manuscript and her employer's Dr. Jehkyl/Mr.Hyde cat. With only the lessons learned by her band of uncles to keep going and learn the truth will she find out who is behind all this tragedy and find the manuscript too.

 I loved the story of Jordan tracking down this supposed lost manuscript and all the twists and turns. And it is a great take on what Agatha Christie could have done with her disappearance. I look forward to reading the next one.

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