Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Review: Stirring The Plot by Daryl Wood Gerber

 Title: Stirring the Plot
 Author: Daryl Wood Gerber
 Series: Book 3, A Cookbook Nook Mystery
 Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
 Format: Paperback
 Source: Received for Review From Publisher
 Genre: Cozy Mystery
 Reviewed by: Tina

 Dorothy and The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, Fortune Tellers, Physics and Witches and shall I say a floral delivery man, it can only mean one thing, it's Halloween in Crystal Cove, CA at The Cookbook Nook, a culinary bookstore. All of The Cookbook Nook and the town of Crystal Cove is anticipating the annual Winsome Witches Faire for literacy. Proprietor Jenna and her Aunt Vera are once again in the thick of things. The Winsome Witches are not real witches or so they claim but a group of fundraising, fun loving women and the High Priestess of the Winsome Witches, a admired therapist, Pearl is found dead and it is soon discovered that she was murdered.

 It comes to light that many of Pearl's patient's have many hidden secrets, One of them may possibly have a dark secret enough to kill over or could someone else emerge from the shadows as the guilty party. Aunt Vera with the murder of her beloved friend, Pearl is understandably distraught and is unable to unlock her powers of perception which is frustrating for her wanting to help find out who killed her friend so Jenna takes it upon herself to help once again to solve another crime in Crystal Cove with a few tricks up her sleeve, of coarse.

 If you love Halloween, Witches and dressing up and don't forget scrumptious and ghoulish treats made by The Cookbook Nook Chef, Katie and novice cook Jenna with recipes included and don't forget, The Cookbook Nook would not be complete without a murder, Stirring the Plot is a perfect read for you. The delicious food descriptions made my mouth water with enchanting characters like Jenna and Aunt Vera I knew I would be captivated from the first page. This is a favorite series of mine and I wish it all success. I look forward to reading and reviewing the next in this delectable series.


  1. Great review-I'm still on the hold list at the library but you make it sound so good I may break down and actually ...gasp... buy it :-)

  2. Thank you for reading my review, Waiting for a hold at the library is hell, I know , If you can' wait and you really want it, buy it, it's will be worth every penny. Thank you for your kind words.



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