Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review: Off Kilter by Hannah Reed

 Title: Off Kilter
 Author: Hannah Reed
 Series: A Scottish Highlands Mystery
 Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group
 Format: Paperback
 Source: Received for review from Publisher
 Reviewed by: Marlene

 Eden Elliot has just had one of the worst years of her life, losing her mother and her marriage. Being pressured by her best friend to go spend the next few months in the highlands of Scotland to get away and emerse herself in scottish culture to aid her in writing her very first novel. And to maybe emerse herself in a man as well.

 Once there she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation, a family fued, an accusation of arson and the possible sparks of an attraction to a man that is spoken for. Eden struggles to clear her name as well as her friend's name of all the wrong doings around town and soon becomes the target. She then has to race against the clock to make sure everything is set right.

   This story for me was a cross between Murder She Wrote (not that Eden was writing about the murder) and Eat Pray Love. Eden reminds me of Julia Robert's character going to go find herself and finally going to take of her herself and herself alone but then the murder hits and she takes it on like Angela Lansbury's character with a sense of determination and pride.

I also loved how Scotland was depicted and infused to the story, it sounds like a beautiful place I would like to travel to one day. The cuisine of Scotland also make some appearances and although I don't believe haggis or blood pudding would be my dishes of choice there is one dish I have never heard of and would like to try is Scottish eggs. They sound yummy.

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