Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Review: Murder with Ganache by Lucy Burdette

Title: Murder with Ganache
Author: Lucy Burdette
Series: A Key West Food Critic Mystery Book 4
Publisher: NAL
Format: Kindle Editon
Source: Amazon
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewed by: Tina

There was nothing better to lift my spirits than a trip to Key West Florida on another adventure with Key West food critic writer, Hayley and her friends and family. In what was supposed to be a joyous occasion with Hayley's best friend, Connie marrying her one true love Ray and with Hayley preparing to make two hundred scrumptious Lime Cupcakes with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting. Hayley's family also flies out to vacation and to celebrate the only glitch is Rory, Hayley's teenage step  brother who wants nothing better than to not be at the wedding.

So with approval of Hayley and her Step mom, Allison. Rory heads out to explore Key West alone or so Hayley and her family thinks. When he does not return by his curfew Hayley sets out to find Rory on Duval street. As the hours pass and she is unable to find him her fears for him escalate and she then tells her father and Allison. They find Rory half concious on a boat then with a little investigating from Hayley she finds out that Rory did indeed have friends in Key West and then that friend is found murdered in the mangroves and Rory soon from his hospital bed becomes the prime suspect and with Connie cancelling the wedding at the last minute, it's up to Hayley to save her brother and find his friend's murderer and  possibly save a marriage.

This is one of my very favorite culinary cozy mystery series. Murder with Ganache is foodie mystery lovers dream. Hayley's true love first and foremost is food and bringing her readers delicious reviews of some of Key West's restaurants but in Murder with Ganache her family came first and that is what I loved about it . I have come to love Hayley and her entire family and friends throughout this series, and after reading you will come to love them too. Murder with Ganache left me with happy tears. I can't wait to read and review Death with all the trimmings the next in the series released in December of this year.


  1. This book looks like a fun read! Living in FL and enjoy FL based books!

    1. It was great to visit Florida through her book because i've never been there

  2. I love this book. It covers my 3 favorite things: mysteries, Key West and food. I agree with the reviewer. This is truly a foodie mystery lover's dream.

  3. Books with food are really great
    Reading them makes me salivate
    Hope I can win with mystery so fine-
    Then I'll complete Lucy's set of mine!

  4. Thanks for reading and reviewing Tina! So glad you enjoyed this visit to key West!



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