Monday, October 6, 2014

Book Review: Murder off The Beaten Path by M.L. Rowland

  Title: Murder off the Beaten Path
 Author: M.L. Rowland
 Series: Book 2 A Search and Rescue Mystery
 Publisher: The Berkely Publishing Group
 Format: Paperback
 Source: Received for review from author
 Reviewed by: Marlene

The story starts of with Gracie Kinkaid being part of the failed search of a teenage girl in the California mountains. Gracie herself is part of a search and rescue team while balancing her day job as a director at a church owned camp. Soon after the failed search she is faced with another call for a rescue that ends with finding her friend, Jett dead at the bottom of a canyon area. She then proceeds to uncover what really happened to her friend.

 While Gracie is investigating her friends death and uncovering secrets involving the family that runs the camp. She is also fighting some of her own personal inadequacies and juggling multiple romantic offers from men. At one point she sets herself on a mission also decides to take on her sickening excuse of a neighbour. As the book continues the more she finds out, the more she needs to seek justice for the wrong doings.

I found this story extremely engaging and possibly most of it could be the work of non-fiction. The events depicted in this book are issues faced in society today. I loved how Ms. Rowland writes Gracie, I felt like I was in her head and figureing it out along with her. This book is now on my favourites list. I look forward to the next one. And also, reading Ms. Rowland's previous novel - Zero-Degree Murder.

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