Friday, October 10, 2014

Book Review: Literally Murder by Ali Brandon

Title: Literally Murder
Author: Ali Brandon
Series: Book 4 A Black Cat Bookshop Mystery
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery
Format: Paperback
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Received for review from Publisher
Reviewed by: Tina

My favorite crime fighting cat, Hamlet is back and I couldn't be more excited. Along with his owner and mystery bookstore owner Darla Pettistone. Darla and Hamlet gained some notoriety when a video of Darla and Hamlet with the black cat Hamlet mimicking Darla in a karate tournament that goes viral on the internet and forever dubbs Hamlet the "Karate Kitty".

Hamlet is then invited to to be a guest of honor at a championship cat show in Fort Lauderdale, Flordia. Darla readily agrees as there is a renovation going on at her bookstore with a addition of a coffee shop and Hamlet would be better off away from the construction and soaking in the Florida sun.

Darla and Hamlet and Darla's friend, Jake in toe make it to the show to discover animal activists reeking havoc. Then a so called cat breeder, Ted when he tries to pass off a new breed, Minx, half sphnyx, half manx and does not win the competition  then to the horror of Darla and with Jake being Hamlet's security guard for the show Hamlet is catnapped and he is found by Darla and Jake in the hotel room of the Judge of the competition beside the dead body of Ted. Now its up to Hamlet with the help of Darla and Jake to sniff out a killer before someone else takes a permanent cat nap.

Hamlet, the black bookshop cat is the star in this series along with some other charming and zany characters. Jake's mom, Nattie had me completely in stitches through out the book. Very character driven and well written, never a dull moment in this series yet. Along with the comforting Florida landscape beautifully laid out made me want to jump right into the book to help solve the murder right along with Hamlet, Darla and all their friends, while reading I was envisioning myself being there.That to me being the very best thing about reading. I can't wait to read and review the next in this delightful series.


  1. I must look for book one :-)

    1. You should, it's great, thank you for reading my review.

  2. Hamlet and I thank you for your purr-fectly wonderful review!



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