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Book Review: Halloween Hijinks Anniversary Edition by Kathi Daley

Title: Halloween Hijinks Anniversary Edition
Author: Kathi Daley
Series: Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 1
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: PDF
Source: Received for Review from Author
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewed by: Tina

Halloween Hijinks Anniversary Edition is the first book in the Zoe Donovan Mystery series with a short story included, I will be reviewing Halloween Hijinks and the short story, Zoe's Treasure Hunt.

Zoe Donovan is a animal control officer with a heart of gold who has a passion for finding homes for lost animals and she loves spending time with her trained therapy dog, Charlie. It's Halloween In Ashton Falls. Zoe had a few friends that keep her grounded, Levi and Ellie. Zoe takes it upon herself to set up some neighborhood festivities for the Halloween Hamlet event. Levi is also busy with the high school football team to make sure that the opposing teams hijinks don't get out of hand.

Zoe is out on a call to rescue a howling dog in a creepy haunted house, she creeps into the basement to find the football coach of the opposing team murdered. Levi ,who is coach of Ashton Falls team is soon pinned as the prime suspect in the murder. Zoe makes it her goal to find the killer bring him to justice and set Levi free.

What I love most about reading is relating to characters in a story and I could relate to Zoe and her history. I love her passion and love for animals and her friends and her fellow man. Very character driven cozy mystery and enjoyable especially when the murderer is revealed and justice is truly prevailed. If you are a dog and mystery lover this book is perfect for you. I found while reading, recalling my love for my dog when I owned one bringing back memories of my own. I look forward to getting to know Zoe on her future adventures in this series. I can't wait to read and review another book in this winning series.

Zoe’s Treasure Hunt. A short story

 Zoe and her trained therapy dog, Charlie venture to the hospital to visit patients. Charlie had a special knack for helping patients in need by providing comfort and support during illness or to the dying. First she and Charlie Visit a boy named Tommy and found that he started to be doing better. Dr Ryder Westlake then recommends that Zoe and Charlie look in on another Patient named Burton Ozward, nicknamed Oz, who had a mild heart attack, not being a doctor’s dream patient he wants to leave the hospital.

 It’s takes awhile for for Oz to open up to Zoe and Charlie but then he finally does and tells her a tale of fearing his remaining time on Earth was short and the real reason he came to Ashton Falls was to claim his inheritance from his dead grandfather, the inheritance being a bag of gold and clues on how to find it, like a treasure hunt.

 Oz wishes the bag of gold to go to his granddaughter who has dreams of going to medical school that he would not have been able to finance otherwise. Zoe happily offers to help Oz on his quest to track down the hidden treasure his and his granddaughters sake. Zoe then enlists the help of her pappy and his friends to help in the search for the treasure because they are of advanced age and know the history of Ashton Falls. Being able to find the treasure is now Zoe’s mission before it’s too late.

 I really enjoyed this story after reading Halloween Hijinks, it was a refreshing look into Zoe and Charlie’s kind hearts and Zoe’s compassion for animals and people. I also enjoyed that there was no murder involved and how sometimes one meeting one person can change someone’s perspective and views on life and love.


  1. Kathi has the best imagination and knows how to tell a story as if the reader is part of the action. Her characters are the best.



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