Saturday, October 18, 2014

Book Review: Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda James

Title: Bless Her Dead Little Heart
Author: Miranda James
Series: A Southern Ladies Mystery Book 1
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Received for Review from Publisher
Format: Paperback ARC
Publisher: Berkley
Reviewed By: Tina

The Ducote Sisters, Miss An'gel and Miss Dickce exemplify sweet  southern charm and true manners. Their southern upbringing and manners  are really put to the test in this first of the A Southern Ladies Mystery.  We first come to know the the Ducote sisters in Miranda James's Out of Circulation, the fourth book in the Cat in the stacks Mysteries. The sisters are cat sitting Diesel, Charlie Harris's Maine Coon Cat also from that series

The sisters former sorority sister, Rosabelle shows up at their door out of the blue. She explains to them that she fears that one of her family members is trying to kill her. The sisters boil it down to Rosabelle's always wanting to be the center of attention and her self absorbed ways. Rosabelle then explains examples of how she thinks her family has tried to harm her, so being the true southern ladies they are let her stay.

Then just as suddenly and Rosabelle shows up so does her family members one by one. Their behavior is deplorable but the sisters show their true manners and self restraint by letting the family stay in the home to see if they can discover if what Rosabelle is saying is really true. Then one of the family members comes tumbling down the stairs to her impending death then deputy Kanesha Berry from the Athena Police department and The Cat in the Stacks Series is soon investigating the murder and soon another family member is murdered.

These sleuthing sisters all the while keeping to their true southern roots and charm made these sisters a true match made in heaven and their poking in and meddling look exemplary to the suspects and there were many in this deranged family. I loved all the familiar characters from the Cat in the stacks series especially Diesel the cat who was along for the ride and deputy Kanesha Berry,  made reading this book a true cozy comfort. This first in a  spin off to the Cat in the Stacks series was a true delight to read. I can't wait to meet up with these charming ladies again in the next in the series.

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