Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Book Review: Death by Devil's Breath by Kylie Logan

Title: Death By Devil's Breath
Author: Kylie Logan
Series: Book 2 A Chili Cook Off Mystery
Publisher:  Berkley Prime Crime
Format: Paperback
Source: Received for Review from Publisher
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewed by: Tina

Las Vegas is the mecca for anything weird and wacky and when Maxie Pierce and the Chili Showdown ride into town things get weirder and wackier. There is of coarse a chili contest for the hottest chili, Devil's Breath with the judges being preformer's in the casino where the contest is taking place. Maxie is all about everything chili with running her missing father, Jack's Texas Jack Pierce's Hot-Cha Chili Seasoning Palace and organizing the contest.

When lowbrow comedian, Dickie Dunkin dies while tasting a contestant's Devil's Breath chili during the contest, the heat is on for Maxie to track down a killer with worry over her missing father, a annoying half sister and a smokin hot, head of security, Nick she has alot to deal with. Maxie not only has to pick out chili's and spices for the customers she needs to pick out a killer before someone else gets burned.

Maxie is a chili chick with a attitude, a woman sleuth with a lot to prove. She's sassy and in your face. She is what I loved about Death By Devil's Breath. Great writing that kept me hooked into the story into the late hours of the night. I could relate  too Maxie in the sense that she tries to hide her feelings well but will soon discover she does have a heart that she hates to admit she has. I love a cozy mystery even more when I could relate to a character and love the writing, like I did reading Death by Devil's Breath.  I can't wait to read and review the next in this series. Now I'm craving chili.


  1. I'm going to put this series on my t-b-r list. Thanks

  2. Your welcome, glad you found a new cozy.

  3. Sounds like a hoot! Love the title. Going on my TBR list. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ah, chilli cook offs. My husband will be right there!! Sounds like a spicy idea for a cozy read!! Ronnalord(at)msn(dot)com



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