Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Review: The Cat, The Vagabond and the Victim by: Leann Sweeney

Title: The Cat, The Vagabond, and the Victim
Author: Leeann Sweeney
Series: Book 6: A Cats in Trouble Mystery
Publisher: Signet
Format: Paperback
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Received for Review From Author
Reviewed by: Tina

I love a good cozy mystery about cats and this one didn't disappoint. A determined cat named Clyde takes a treck of two hundred miles back to his home to his owner , Norm Jeffrey to find him dead. This adventurous cat then is a becomes a overnight TV star. Clyde then finds himself in the local shelter in Mercy, South Carolina but not for long when cat quilter and lover and owner of three cats, Jillian Hart takes him into her home with her brood of felines to foster until a suitable caregiver turns up.

 Clyde is becoming more famous by the day with is antics and with the media it's difficult to keep Clyde's location under wraps. Jillian finding out the real truth behind Norm Jeffrey's death, a man who's health is declining, a elderly man who was murdered. Clyde then makes another great escape back to his and Norm's home to find yet another dead body. Together with the police Jillian wants to figure out who could possibly have commited these murders. Jillian figures out the true motive of these murders and discovers that Clyde's life is also hanging in the balance. Being a lover of cat's Julian can't help but want to attain justice for all involved especially Clyde.

This was a heartwarming, tear jerking cozy centering around amazing cats. Being a cat lover and owner myself I couldn't turn down reading this book. It was like going on an adventure with this amazing cat named Clyde who through adversity comes out the hero in the end and if your a cat lover you won't be able not to love Clyde and his story. This was the first book in this series I have read but after reading this one it won't be my last, I can't wait to read and review the next in the series which is called The Cat, The Sneak and the Secret and will be out in August of 2015.

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