Sunday, August 10, 2014

Book Review: The Big Tiny : A Build it myself Memoir by: Dee Williams

 Title: The Big Tiny: A Built It Myself Memoir
 Author: Dee Williams
 Publisher: Blue Rider Press
 Format: Hard cover
 Source: Library
 Genre: Non Fiction
 Reviewed by: Marlene

Dee Williams invites you into her own personal story of being diagnosed with a heart condition to living in a tiny house of 84 square feet. A tiny house on wheels with limited electricity and no running water. It may sound small and simple but through reading this she makes it sound big. The journey she takes you on is uplifting, humble and adventorous ride in which she battles her health, her own stubborness and building her own home.

 Ms. Williams also explores the meaning of home, work life balance and togetherness. I personally picked up this book because I was curious about tiny homes being built on trailers. Something I saw on youtube. I'll tell you they are no ordinary RVs. I didn't realize how heartfelt and touching it was going to be and the similarities I found between myself and the author. I have also read other books by Tammy Strobel and Gregory Johnson. They also live in small homes and believe their lives have improved and they have become happier.

These tiny houses have become a movement around the USA (Haven't found much regarding it in Canada) but it certainly peeked my interest of what I feel is home, how much stuff and space I need. I recently moved into a 645 square foot one bedroom one bath with a large storage room because I felt one person needed it. I am now finding I don't use half of this space at all. It is empty or closets crammed with junk (which I am purging slowly).

 In part of the book she mentions the many types of places she has lived. I can relate to that I have moved a around quite a bit and not found my place. Now not saying I could live in 84 square feet ( Probably) but I am still spoiled I don't think I couldn't live with out running water. I just personally believe getting back to a simpler time and togetherness would help this planet tremendously. Maybe not worrying so much about buying, bigger is better and social networks would be a good first step.

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