Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Review: Maltipoos Are Murder By Jacqui Lane

  Title: Maltipoos Are Murder
  Series: Book 1 Doggie Day Spa Mystery
  Author: Jacqui Lane
  Publisher: Entangled Publishing
  Format: E-Book: B00K48GVGK
  Pages: 146
  Genre: Cozy Mystery
  Reviewed For: A Cozy Girl Reads
  Reviewed by: DelAnne

  Moving to Middleberg, Virginia from the fast paced and bad relationships left behind in Washington DC was meant to give Cara Rogers a new start. Her Aunt Marion offered her the job of manager of La Maison de Chien, the doggie day spa she owns, Cara accepted. She had lost more than everything in Washington and needs time to regroup. Unfortunately, she arrives for her first day at the spa she finds her boss, aka Aunt Marion, dead floating face down in a doggie pool. Off to the side shaking in the shadows she finds the only witness, Rex, a lovable and sweet maltipoo puppy.When the local constabulary turns their eyes to her as a suspect, Cara decides it's up to her to find the real killer.

 Cara Rogers, is a woman of integrity and honor who loves being a vet and the animals she cares for. She  trust too easily, but is not shy on work ethics and is loyal to a fault. Detective Cole Sampson is also a person  of integrity and honor. No matter how much he may find Cara attractive she is still a suspect and he is not  about to let her get away with murder. My favorite character is Rex, so sweet you just want to cuddle him  close and take him home with you.

 This is a fast pace story seasoned with humor and suspense. You too will fall in love with Jacqui Lane's new  series. I avidly await the next in this delightful series. A cozy mystery filled with animals and dialog that will  having you laughing out loud as you read. A plot that intrigues and hold's your interest until the final reveal.  What more could you ask for?

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