Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: Delicious! By Ruth Reichl

Title: Delicious!
Author: Ruth Reichl
Publisher: Random House
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
Reviewed By: Tina

Sometimes when I read a book it touches my heart and soul as this one did, Billie Breslin, applies for a job at Delicious!  A famous food magazine in New York. As a requirement to apply for the job she is asked to cook something but some how cooking gives her anxiety and panic attacks, connected to something that happened in her past, a past Billie is trying to run away from. As she and Delicious! discovers she has an excellent palate able to determine the ingredients in everything she tastes. The cooks at delicious! are tireless and re test recipes again and again to the point of perfection. She is given her first writing assignment with some trepidation as she is to write about Sal Fontanari, founder of of the Cheese shop Billie Works where Billie works part time. The owner Sal has issues with being written about and in the spotlight.

When Delicious! is shut down suddenly, Billie is offered a job to stay behind and honour the Delicious! Guarantee where every recipe in the magazine is guaranteed right or you get your money back. So she is all alone in the lonely old mansion but not for long. For many years the library at Delicious! was forbidden for entry from it's employees, as she is alone in the mansion Billie ventures in there and discovers a secret room with hidden letters from a 12 year old Lulu Swan to world famous chef James Beard during World War II.
As she reads the letters she is faced with trying to understand her past and her life, they are an inspiration to Billie as she tries to track down Lulu but wondering if she will find her because of her age. Billie must find Lulu before it's too late.Finding Lulu will be the key to unlock everything that Billie must come to terms with about her past and her future.

I'm a big fan of food fiction books. This book is written for the foodie, Like I profess to be. Many tears were shed while reading this book and it has become a favorite It's a book I know I  will never forget. I loved all the colourful characters, Billie was a very complex character and it made the story so much more better and the descriptions of food and the passion food are brought to the forefront by the author. It brought out my love and seeking more knowledge about food even deeper than it ever was before. You don't have to love food to read this book but once you read it you will learn to love it and grasp what food really is and understand the complexities of life and what it truly is.

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