Saturday, May 10, 2014

Book Review: Angora Alibi By Sally Goldenbaum

Title: Angora Alibi
Author: Sally GoldenBaum
Series: Book 7, A Seaside Knitters Mystery
Publisher: Obsidian
Format: Paperback
Source: Received for review from Publisher
Reviewed By: Tina

A member of the seaside knitters club and yarn shop owner Izzy and her husband Sam are having a baby and with the demands of pregnancy and life Izzy tries to stay in shape with running along the sea shore, then one day she sees a abandoned infant car seat with a blanket in it she has seen before. She recognizes it as yarn blanket displayed in her shop window, then Izzy can't stop thinking about the car seat and the blanket inside when she decides to put the car seat in her trunk then strange things start happening....

A friend of Izzy's distant relative, Justin dies when he is scuba diving  and soon every one in the seaside knitters club discovers that Justin was murdered and then another local man that lives along the shore, Horace is murdered. The Seaside knitters are soon on the case and try to weave together the  pieces of the puzzle to discover that someone in their town is a murderer.

This book hooked me from the first page, I became lost and transported in this Sea Harbor world of the Seaside Knitters Club and a murderer, beautiful writing with many animated characters. I don't knit but always wanted to learn and if you are a knitter or not you will enjoy this story, it was the cozy aspect of this cozy mystery. Even the covers of this series beckon me to want to read them and become part of their world.

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  1. I've never read any of this series, but It's been in my sight since pretty much the beginning. And I love the bright and cheerful cover(s).



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