Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book Review: The Big Bunny Bump Off by Kathi Daley

 Title: Big Bunny Bump Off - Zoe Donovan Mystery
 Book 5 Author: Kathi Daley
 Publisher: Kathi Daley Published: 2-10-2014
 ISBN: 14592291X E-Book ASIN: B00IDHUZCA
 Pages: 191
 Genre: Cozy Mystery
 Tags: Thriller & Suspense, Animals, Women Sleuths
 Sensual Level - Very Mild
 Overall Rating: Great
 Reviewed For: Kathi Daley/A Cozy Girl Reads
 Reviewer: DelAnne

Zoe Donovan, former animal control officer for the county, now operating a private animal shelter sponsored by her wealthy boyfriend Zak, has a nasty habit of stumbling over dead bodies. With Easter fast approaching one expects to see the Easter Bunny hiding Easter Eggs and delivering Easter Baskets filled with goodies, not the Easter Bunny running away from a dead body. When Zoe delivered the menu of her friend Ellie's new restaurant to the much unloved banker Charles Blakely, she saw the Easter Bunny running away from the back of the bank and a dead Blakely inside. Even tho she tries to keep away from the investigation, Zoe can not help herself and is drawn in and soon danger is following her. Who among them many killed the banker? Why? What were they after?

As with all Kathi Daley's books there is humor and laughter in her books. It is not uncommon for me to find myself laughing out loud as I read them. The Zoe Donovan series is no exception. What makes is unique from other cozy mysteries is her heroine. Zoe is extremely loyal to her family, friends and town. Her love of animals drew me too her as I too love all animals, well maybe not amphibians and snakes, but all others. She finds way to care and rehabilitate wild life and return them to their natural habitat for all to enjoy and domesticated animals are found homes where they are loved and wanted. I could never work in a kill facility, but if Zoe ever needs volunteers for Zoe's Ark I will be first in line.

The romance between her and Zack is true and strong. Zak accepts Zoe, quirks and all. Zoe is a bit clingy with Zak, but she understands his having to travel and makes the most of the time that they have together. I love the way she is thrilled with her parents finally being friends and having another child. She is the center of the books, but she is more than willing to share the spotlight with the other characters. Each and every character is an individual. Although you could read this book by itself and be entertained, you will be wondering about certain events from past books that are mentioned.

 I suggest you read the series from the beginning and watch as the relationships develop and some fall apart. You will be immersed in the life of Zoe Donovan and those she holds dear. If you are lucky she will call you friend. You may want to take a short vacation around any holiday as there seems to be strange habit of murdered bodies being left lying around during those times. Otherwise Ashton Falls seems like the kind of town I can imagine myself living in. I think you can too.

The next Zoe Donovan story, Beach Blanket Barbie, is now out and I am looking forward to reading and reviewing it. If per chance you have not tried Kathi Daley yet, you are in for a treat with her witty dialog and characters that you will soon call friends. If you have already read all the Zoe Donovan stories available, check out her TJ Jensen series. You will find another favorite to add to your list.

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