Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Review: Death on Eat Street by J.J. Cook

Title: Death on Eat Street
Author: J.J. Cook
Series: Book 1, A Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mystery
Publisher: Berkley
Format: Paperback
Source: Reviewed for Review from Publisher
Reviewed by: Tina

Zoe Chase has a dream of running her own restaurant, she quits her job and then buys a diner in a questionable part of town, then to keep herself from going further under while the diner is being renovated she starts a food truck business selling her signature dish 'biscuit bowls' deep fried biscuits filled with sweet and savory delectable goodness. The food that don?t sell she donates to the local shelter where she befriends, Ollie. When she is getting her food truck ready for the next day she's surprised to find her food truck competition, who threatened Zoe, Terry, from 'Terry's Tacky Tacos' dead in the front seat of the biscuit bowl food truck.

Zoe is soon faced with a murder charge and agrees to get a lawyer, Migel to represent her. Then the biscuit bowl food truck business takes off and she takes on Ollie and her friend, Delia a local waitress to help her in the food truck. There is soon a break in at the diner and an attempted robbery of the food truck. The robber is searching for a missing valuable recipe that he thinks was given to Zoe by Terry but Zoe does not have it.

Now Zoe wants to find this valuable recipe herself in hopes of discovering who this murderer is before Zoe and everyone she cares about become today's special.

I have to say I loved this first in a series cozy mystery, Food trucks and murder make a great combination in my book and in this book. Very likeable characters especially Zoe, I also can't forget Zoe's cat, Crème Brulee, He was how should I say this? Quite a character, a lot like one of my cats. I hope this series will continue and can't wait to read and review the next one.


  1. Thanks for having us on your blog ~ Creme Brulee

  2. Sounds like a fun read to me. I will look for this one.



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