Saturday, March 22, 2014

Book Review: Suspicious by Sara Rosett

Title: Suspicious
Author: Sara Rosett
Series: Book 4, On the Run
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format: eBook
Source: Received for Review
Reviewed by: Tess

This is the fourth book of Sara's On The run Series, even using just one word titles Sara can grab the reader and not let go until the book is done, this is another one that I read in one sitting. Zoe and Jack have made it through their first year of marriage and are in Rome to celebrate. While there Jack's security company has also been hired for a gala at a museum featuring priceless gems. There have been several burglaries in Rome in the past few months all of them involving gems. The first night of the exhibit seems to turn out fine, but when they wake the next morning they discover that the gems are missing. When the exhibit organizer turns up missing, also, what else are people think but that he was involved. And because of Jack's connection to the gentlemen, Jack and Zoe are under suspicion also, especially when some of the jewels end up in Zoe's bag. Join them on their investigation through a few of Italy's beautiful cities for the show's organizer.

Sara also writes the Ellie Avery series, which are all cozy mysteries also. I seem to have a bit of trouble deciding which of Sara's series I prefer most, maybe by the time Sara writes two or three more books in each series I'll be able decide which is my favorite. Sara is also on Facebook with information on her books and her street team, Sara is also on Instagram. Why not do yourself a favor and pick one of her books next time you're at Amazon or Barnes & Noble and give Sara's books a read.

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