Saturday, March 15, 2014

Book Review: Pumpkins in Paradise by Kathi Daley

Title: Pumpkins In Paradise
Author: Kathi Daley
Series: TJ Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery Book 1
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Source: Received for Review from Author
Reviewed by: DelAnne

This is the type of book cozy lovers look for. It has a warm and likable heroine who steps up to solve the mystery when all are telling her there isn't one. TJ returns to Serenity following the death of her mother. She assumes guardianship of her two younger sisters. She moves into the family's resort, Maggie's Hideaway, to take advantage of the support offered by her father and grandfather. She has a wide variety of friends, one of whom is an elderly man by the name of Zachary. When she goes to visit him one day she finds him dead in his chair. The coroner and the police believe it is a natural death, but TJ is not convinced. When no one else will look into her suspicions she decides to do so herself. Danger soon comes knocking on TJ's door as she checks out the new guest at the resort and a few of the town residents that might have reason to want her old friend silenced.

You will fall in love with TJ and the other residents in the fast moving story. The characters as so well developed you will find it hard to believe they are not real people. The town of Serenity is described to the extent you will be able to envision it in your minds eye. By the time you finish Pumpkins In Paradise you will be wanting to make vacation plans to visit it yourself. Perhaps if you are lucky there may be a vacancy available at Maggie's Hideaway and you can meet TJ while you are there.

This is the first in the Lake Paradise series and as such is a stand alone, but I am already looking forward to opening Snowmen in Paradise to discover what happens to TJ and the town of Serenity next. Remember the name Kathi Daley if you do not know it already. Her talent with the written word will have you adding her to your list of favorite authors very quickly.

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  1. New series to me, but it sure sounds nice. Thanks for the review Delanne.



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