Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Review: Lord James Harrington and the Summer Mystery by Lynn Florkiewicz

Title: Lord James Harrington And The Summer Mystery
Series: Book 3, Lord James Harrington Mysteries
Author: Lynn Florkiewicz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Editions
Format: eBook
Source: Received for Review from Author
Reviewed by: DelAnne

Publisher's Summary:
A mega-cosy (amateur sleuth) crime novel. Introducing the third in the series of the Lord James Harrington books; a gentle mystery to while away a Sunday afternoon.

Meet Lord James Harrington and his delightful wife, Beth; residents of the tiny village of Cavendish, deep in the heart of West Sussex in England. They adore hosting seasonal events, running their country hotel, keeping the local folklore alive and listening to the latest murder mystery on the wireless. But mysteries don’t always remain on the airwaves.........

It’s summer and the annual tennis tournament between Cavendish and Charnley is under way; but a sudden spate of jewel thefts prompts James to put his sleuthing hat on. His investigation suggests that the criminals are using an ancient smuggling network.
Can he convince his good friend, DCI George Lane, of his suspicions? Are these thefts part of an international operation? Has the smuggling network reopened? Who are the wealthy couple staying at Harrington’s? Are the two cyclists really tourists? Is the murder of the tennis umpire connected? Could a long-term resident really be a criminal mastermind?

James desperately struggles for answers as he explores hidden tunnels, studies old maps and examines the motives of his fellow villagers. Join Lord Harrington, and the Cavendish regulars, in his latest adventure.
Our Review:
I have read the previous two mysteries in this series and The Summer Mystery lives up to the standard set by the previous ones.

Lynn Florkiewicz involves you in both the lives of the villagers and the clues as to the mystery as it evolves. This is a stand alone book as the references to the previous books in no way influence the story line. If you are looking for a great read with well developed and established characters in a setting that anyone would love to live in, then definitely try this series. Add in an ever changing mystery and you have the making of a wonderful afternoon of indulgence.

At less than the price of cup of coffee/tea each they are priced well below their true value, and provide a wonderful afternoon of reading. If you haven't picked up the Lord James Harrington Mysteries yet, pick them up today.

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