Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book Review: Keeping Mum by Alyse Carlson

Title: Keeping Mum
Author: Alyse Carlson
Series: Book 3, A Garden Society Mystery
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Format: Paperback
Source: Received for Review from Publisher
Reviewed by: Tina

There's a party for Roanoke's senate candidate, Jared Koontz. Cam and her best friend, Annie are planning it. Cam is a member of the Garden Society and they are hosting a murder mystery themed silent auction and guests bid on who with be the so called "murder victim". Cam is responsible for putting together the alluring flower displays and Cam and Annie are also planning the murder mystery.

But as this is going on with Roanoke's A list attending the party, Cam thinks she is fighting a battle she can't win as a Financial tycoon, Derrick Windermere is found lifeless and next to him a broken pot of chrysanthemums. Then the party turns sour and most of the A lister's have probable reason to want Derrick dead and Annie finds that her father Senator Schulz goes missing and then Cam and Annie start to wonder if the two events are related.

Together with Annie's boyfriend, Police detective, Jake and Cam's boyfriend, News Paper reporter, Rob, it's up to them to all put their heads together with their boyfriend's expertise in their respective fields to try to solve a murder and find Annie's father before it's too late for all of them and figure out which of Roanoke's elite wanted Derrick dead.

This is the first book I read in this series and it has been on my list to read for awhile. The colorful covers and flowers and the garden theme attracted me to it because I always wanted a garden but don't have a green thumb . Keeping Mum kept me turning it's pages till the very end with its descriptions of the beautiful flowers and murder.


  1. New author and series to me, but it does sound nice. Adding it to my wishlist.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind review, Prairie girl!



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