Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book Review: Broken Hearted Ghoul by Jim & Joyce Lavene

Title: Broken Hearted Ghoul
Author: Jim & Joyce Lavene
Series: Book 1, Taxi for the Dead Paranormal Mysteries
Publisher: Amazon Digital Editions
Format: eBook
Source: Received for Review from Author
Reviewed by: Tess

After reading the prequel to this I was very excited to ask to read the advanced copy. It has been two years since a fatal accident that claimed Skye's husband, and also added 20 years to her life for doing "small" jobs for Abe. Abe is the donor for the 20 years he has given Skye. All she has to do is drive a cab for the undead and pick up the zombies who of already stayed there 20 years. Skye finds herself as a partner to a housewife, was working off the 20 years for her zombie husband. Also along for the ride is Lucas, a sorcerer who cannot remember how to do what he should be doing. Seriously how much trouble can you get into while driving the taxicab. Also finding themselves involved are Addie, Skye's ghostly mother-in-law and Skye's young daughter Kate.

Life gets complicated when zombies start dying on the anniversary of their 20th year. Peculiar thing is that all the dead zombies are without blood and the only thing missing is their heart. Enter Mary who seems to have a grudge against Abe and will do anything to upset his plans. Mary is also zombie who has evaded capture by Abe and his taxi drivers. The longer a zombie stays on earth the meaner they become. Truly what would you do if you were offered 20 more years to spend with your loved ones.

Once again Joyce and Jim have written a book that will hold your attention from first page to last. If you haven't had the opportunity to read a book by Joyce and Jim, take a moment and check out all the series that they have written, by my count that is six, so you should surely be able to find one to grab your attention.

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