Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 11 of Indie Cozy Mystery Feature & Giveaway Event

Today's Indie Cozy Mystery Feature is Deadly Magic by Elizabeth Crabtree.

About Deadly Magic:
A night of magic turns into a night of murder.

It's Halloween night and the normally unhappy co-workers of the Straker Toy Company are eagerly looking forward to the celebration of their tyrannical boss' fiftieth birthday. None more so than Grace Holliday. After all, it's not every day she gets invited to the annual costumed bash at the Dragon's Lair, the premier magic theater in Manhattan.

What promises as a night of magic and mystery, quickly turns into a night of mayhem and murder when the boss' equally tyrannical wife dies on stage.

According to the police, it was an obvious suicide. Now it's up to Grace to discover which one of her co-workers pulled off the trick of the year before she becomes the killer's next victim.

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  1. I love Halloween, magic,murder,and all in a cozy mystery to boot! Love it!

  2. I love anything to do with Magic.. One summer at camp one of the counselors broke his arm and they had to find a replacement... They hired a magician who was available for the rest of the summer. Ten of us were chosen to learn most of the tricks in his trunk. We all swore the Magician's Oath of Secrecy and became familiar with some of the best tricks of the day. To this day I can still work the gag's if I had the essential parts.



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