Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Review: The Missing Dough by Chris Cavender

Title: The Missing Dough
Author: Chris Cavender
Series: Book 6 of Pizza Lovers Mysteries
Publisher: Kensington
Format: Paperback
Source: Received for Review from Publisher
Reviewed by: Tess

Publisher's Summary:
The only thing Eleanor Swift loves more then A Slice of Delight--her Timber Ridge, North Carolina pizzeria--is her sister Maddy. So when Maddy's cheating ex-husband Grant shows up with some pie-in-the-sky idea to win Maddy back, Eleanor is happy to see her sister swiftly show him the door. But they both know Grant isn't done yet. . .

Our Review:
Chris writes many books under a couple of different names, and I have always enjoyed his work, be it series' about soap making, candle making, light houses or pizza parlors.

This one is about Eleanor, who owns the pizza parlor and Maddy, # 1 assistant, side-kick detective, and most importantly sister. When Maddy's obnoxious ex-husband, Grant turns up dead, the sisters and their boy friends end up being the main suspects. The girls and their guys go to a festival in their town of Timber Ridge, NC and run into Grant, who is not only obnoxious, now he is drunk and belligerent. Eleanor and Maddy, as usual, promise David and Bob that they will stay out of Grant's death, but that lasts about a nano-second. At times it seems as if the girls have more sources than the police do. Top cop Kevin Hurley, Eleanor's high school sweetheart, knows it is almost impossible for Eleanor and Maddy to sit back and leave the case to the police. Coming face to face with other suspects, lead the sisters on another of their dangerous, but fun filled investigations. This is a quick and fun read and I look forward to the next book.

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