Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: Sweetbreath by Alexandra Allred

Title: Sweetbreath
Author: Alexandra Allred
Series: Book 2 of Allie Lindell
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House
Format: eBook
Source: Review Copy provided by Author/Publisher
Reviewed by: Tess

Summary from Goodreads:
When the president of Sweets Sullivan is found dead, everyone is all too ready to believe it was a suicide. Everyone but Allie Lindell. A former obituary writer for The Columbus Dispatch with a mind for murder, not even diaper duty and naptime can keep her away. Sweetbreath is the second mystery of the Allie Lindell series— a story of family secrets, murder, crooked insurance schemes, drugs, chocolate cravings and chocolate-chocolate chip cookies that are to die for. Who can resist? Certainly not Allie, her neighbor, her dad, or her old friend from the newspaper.

As Allie gets closer to the truth, she begins to contemplate the notion that she can have it all. But at what price? Her relationship with her life partner begins to unravel, and she is forced to make a choice. Restless with her job as an at-home mom, Allie misses the crazy deadlines, office banter, even rush hour traffic. With the lure of chocolate, it’s just too much and Allie makes the biggest move of her adult life.

She investigates the possible murder and quickly learns there is a not-so-sweet side of the business world. As her own family begs her to back away, Allie finds she can’t. She’s her own worst enemy but with the best intentions. Nothing in life is ever easy as Allie learns it’s not just candy to die for—it just might be worth killing over. Following the scent of a murderer and chocolate, Allie is soon in over her head. This time, her sweet tooth just might get her killed and her hero is the most unlikely of the bunch.

Sweetbreath takes us on a journey with a now stay at home mom, former obituary writer, Allie, who right away feels that the death of Sweet Sullivans president, Joe Sullivan, was not a suicide, as everyone else thought. Defying her dad, her sister, her friends, and her partner Rae Ann, Allie feels feels that she needs to investigate and find out the truth. Family secrets, murder, insurance schemes, what more could be added to this story.

Alexandra Allred has woven a story that is believable and engaging. Set in Ohio, this is the 2nd book of the Allie Lindell series.

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