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Book Review: Lending a Paw by Laurie Cass

Title: Lending a Paw
Author: Laurie Cass
Series: Book 1 of a Bookmobile Cat Mystery
Publisher: Penguin, Signet
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased from Amazon
Reviewed by: Tina
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Books and cats.... what bibliophile and animal lover could not love them, not me for one and neither could librarian, Minnie Hamilton in the first book of a bookmobile cat mystery. She stumbles upon a stray cat whom she names Eddie and his antics throughout the book had me in stitches. Minnie dreams of getting a bookmobile for the library up and running but with limited funds to do so, she turns to Stan Larabee, richest business man in town and not well liked. On the very first run of the bookmobile Minnie finds that Eddie snuck on the bookmobile and is loved by all the patrons that come aboard.

Eddie then daringly jumps off the bookmobile and Minnie then finds him an abandoned farmhouse along with too Minnie's surprise the body of a murdered, Stan Larabee. It seems Minnie is the only person that has seen the good in Stan as the townspeople even the police don't seem to be taking the murder seriously, so Minnie decides to take justice into her own hands and tries to find who killed Stan. Stan having had the reputation of a bad business man had alot of people out for his blood.

Eddie seemed to have a sixth sense of when Minnie was in trouble and the way that Minnie and Eddie interacted in the book kept me reading, I often find myself talking to my cats the way she did and I found it comical the similarities between Minnie and Eddie and myself and my cats. I love to read first in a new series books because of the promise of a new series, new characters, and a new storylines and this book didn't disappoint especially if you love books and cats like I do !!!

And in the wise words of Eddie "Mrrr".

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  1. I'm a librarian so bookmobile & cats- definitely a winner in my book. Hope it's a series!

    Happy Hanukwanzmas - Merry everything!



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