Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book Review: Four Play by Cindy Blackburn

Title: Four Play
Author: Cindy Blackburn
Series: Book 4 of Cue Ball Mysteries
Publisher: Amazon Digital Editions
Format: eBook
Source: Received for Review from Author
Reviewed by: Tess

Book Four in this series, Foul Play, a cue ball mystery, caught my interest just like the first three books did. Jessie has finally become engaged to Wilson, but will not commit to a wedding date. Jessie would much rather concentrate on the newest book she is writing, A Singular Seduction, which has hit a wall.

Jessie agrees to loan her car, her precious Porsche, to young Frankie, to take his girl friend, Lizzie, out for the evening. But how does a well liked teacher end up dead, at the school, and on top of the Porsche? Of course Jessie will not keep her nose out of this murder. At the insistence of the girl's mother and the school superintendent Jessie begins to dig where she shouldn't.

With Jessie's nemesis, reporter Jimmy Beak and local coffee shop owner Alistar Pritt, staging a demonstration in front of her home, Jessie sets out to prove the innocence of Frankie and Lizzie and to help the police, whether they want it or not, solve the case. If you're looking for a quick read this may be the series for you to pick up.

Cindy Blackburn writes with humor and compassion, and just the right touch of the local pool hall thrown in.

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