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Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town with Amanda Flower

Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town by Chloe Humphrey from the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series by Amanda Flower

When I took the job for Director of Computer Services in Appleseed Creek in the middle of Ohio’s Amish country, I thought I would be in and out of that town in two years. Boy, was I wrong. Appleseed Creek and the people in it have stolen my heart, and now, I can’t imagine leaving. Here are my top five places to visit in my favorite little town.

Harshberger College: This is the college where I work, and I’m not just saying this place first to make my boss happy. I’m listing Harshberger first because it was my first connection with Appleseed Creek. The small college was founded by a Mennonite minister nearly eighty years ago. Today, its ties to the Mennonite faith are much looser, but the college still appreciates being so close to plain Amish and Mennonite communities in town and Knox County.

Troyer Farm: The Troyer dairy farm is where my roommate, Becky Troyer, and my boyfriend, Timothy Troyer, grew up before they decided to leave the Amish way for English life. Even though their parents are unhappy their oldest children left the Amish, they still allow them and me to visit. It is a beautiful and peaceful place. You will find Mr. Troyer working in the farm, Mrs. Troyer in the kitchen baking, the younger children playing in the yard, and Grandfather Zook ready to have a nice long chat.

Uncle Billy’s Budget Auto’s: One of Timothy’s closest friend is Billy Thorpe, who is more commonly called “Uncle Billy.” He’s a huge teddy bear who likes to lend a helping hand when he can. Billy runs the only auto parts/car rental business in town. I have had to use one of his junker cars before. Beware of the duct tape. Billy uses duct tape to fix everything, and I really do mean everything.

Kokosing Gap Trail: This is a paved peaceful walking and biking trail that travels through Knox County along the Kokosing River. Along it, you will discover old iron bridges, retired train engines, and dozens of varieties of song birds. I recommend visiting it in early spring. That’s when you will see the most birds. I saw an indigo bunting and scarlet tanager there once on a walk with Timothy.

Young’s Family Kitchen and Flea Market: The number one place you should visit in Appleseed Creek is Young’s. It’s an enormous Amish restaurant with all the traditional Amish foods from pickled eggs to friendship bread. The flea market space outside the main building is even larger than the restaurant. Timothy as a contractor has been working on enclosing three of the outdoor pavilions at Young’s for months. When that project is complete, the flea market will be open all year round. Young’s is definitely a tourist’s must see. Tell the owner Ellie Young that I sent you.


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