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Top 5 places to Visit in a Cozy Town with Laura Bradford

Top 5 places to visit in a Cozy Town by Claire Weatherly,
from the Amish Mystery series by Laura Bradford 

My Favorite Places in Heavenly

I suppose a lot of people my age would think I’m crazy for giving up life in the big city. But for me, Claire Weatherly, I couldn’t imagine making a better decision than the one that brought me to Heavenly, Pennsylvania, and the heart of Amish country. Suddenly, I know what “being home” really means and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

And after I introduce you to the places and people who have welcomed me with open arms since I arrived in Heavenly, I suspect you’ll feel exactly the same way… 

Sleep Heavenly: Even if Aunt Diane didn’t run this gorgeous Victorian Bed & Breakfast on the English side of town, I’d bring you here just to show you around. The parlor is my favorite room of all with its floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, wall sconces, and gorgeous view of the Amish countryside. The fact that Diane and I have such wonderful talks in this room is simply the cherry on top. That said, it’s awfully hard to stay in the parlor for long with all the wonderful smells beckoning from the kitchen.

Heavenly Treasures: This gift shop is located on Lighted Way—the cobblestoned road linking the English and Amish ends of town. The notion of opening a store like this moved from pipe dream to reality after one of my many aforementioned talks with Aunt Diane. And you know what? I love every minute I spend inside its walls for reasons I never imagined. You see, as much as I adore displaying and selling Amish-made goods, I’ve come to treasure the folks who make them even more. People like Esther and her mother, Martha, and Benjamin and his brother, Eli.

Shoo Fly Bake Shop:  One step inside Ruth Miller’s bakery and you can see (and smell) pretty quickly just why the Amish have a reputation in the kitchen. Cakes, cupcakes, muffins, donuts, cookies, candies, and countless flavors of pie await tourists and residents alike from their perch atop the homemade shelves made by Ruth’s big brother, Benjamin. The only downfall to the place is the fact that it’s amazing aromas tend to waft across the narrow alleyway separating our stores, destroying any willpower I might try to exert between meals in the process. 

Glick’s Tools N’ More: Just on the other side of Shoo Fly Bake Shop is Howard Glick’s hardware store, a wondrous place for men who like to use power tools and contemplate home improvement projects while simultaneously freeing up their spouse to shop elsewhere (like Heavenly Treasures). In fact, Howard’s idea for creating stations where his customers can push buttons and make loud noises to their heart’s content has played a pivotal role in boosting sales for shopkeepers up and down Lighted Way…and we’re grateful.

The Heavenly Police Department: While not a spot you would typically find on a person’s “favorite spots around town” list, it makes mine. Or, perhaps I should say a particular person inside the building makes my list. Oh yes, Detective Jacob Fisher is super cute, super sweet, and relatively new in town. Unless, of course, you count the first eighteen or so years of his life, when he was still Amish… 

Intrigued? Then stop in for a longer visit by checking out the first two books in Laura Bradford’s Amish Mysteries, HEARSE AND BUGGY and ASSAULTED PRETZEL. The third book in the series, SHUNNED AND DANGEROUS, will be out in March. You can learn more about the series and the books (including a peek at the first chapter from HEARSE AND BUGGY and ASSAULTED PRETZEL) by visiting: . You can also find Laura on Twitter (@Bradfordauthor) and Facebook.

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