Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town with Isabella Alan + Giveaway

Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town by Angie Braddock from the Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series by Isabella Alan

Folks in Rolling Brook don’t know what to make of me since I moved to Holmes County. I don’t know if it’s the fact I take my French bulldog Oliver everywhere I go or my fancy cowboy boots, or it could be I am an Englischer running an Amish quilt shop in a predominantly Amish town. Even with everyone in town talking about me, I’ve been able to make some great friends and find some favorite spots to visit. Here are my top five places to visit in Rolling Brook, Ohio.

Running Stitch: Of course you will want to come to my shop first and meet my Amish quilting circle. You will not meet a nicer group of ladies other than Rachel Miller, Sarah Leham, Anna Graber, and Martha Yoder. The ladies have been so kind to Oliver and me. And if you wanted to shop or buy a quilt while you were there, I wouldn’t stop you.

Miller’s Bakery: This is the best bakery in Holmes County if you ask me. It is owned and operated by Rachel’s husband and family. She works there too and is at the bakery everyday creating tasty treats. They will even bake to your specification. For example when I was under distress—because I was accused of murder. You can read all about it in MURDER, PLAIN AND SIMPLE—and requested that Rachel bake a donut the size of my head, she was able to deliver. It was the best donut I ever ate. Now, it’s a regular item on their menu.

The Dutchman’s Tea Room: This tea shop with its fancy sandwiches and collection of international teas and latte options seems to be an odd business in an Amish township, and it is. The owner Willow Moon is an interesting character to find in Ohio’s Amish country too. She loves gauzy blouses and has spikey purple hair. The hair color changes often. Despite that, her tea shop is the gathering place in town and best source for both Amish and English gossip.

Eby Amish Mercantile: The township mercantile is your one stop shop for Amish canned goods, trinkets, hardware, and just about anything else that you can think of that doesn’t require electricity. As an Amish business, the mercantile isn’t into selling newfangled technology. It’s where I go for all my supplies.

Old Ben’s Wood Working Shop: Benjamin Hershberger, better known as Old Ben, is a sweet old man. He can make anything you want out of wood, using traditional Amish techniques. You won’t see any power tools in his shop. He recently made a brand new quilting rack for me, which was much sturdier than the one I had before. I’m going to ask him to make a doghouse for Oliver next.


It’s SUPER SEPTEMBER! Amanda Flower (also writing as Isabella Alan) has three novels releasing in September 2013. To celebrate, she is giving away an authentic Amish Quilt hand-stitched by Amish in Holmes County, Ohio.

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  1. Sounds like a series I would enjoy! I'm putting it on my TBR list.

  2. Can't wait to read MURDER, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Wish I really could visit Miller’s Bakery and The Dutchman’s Tea Room.

  3. I would like to read this! I just finished The Outcast, which is about the Old Mennonite Order, and I enjoyed it very much. As a child I visited Lancaster County Amish communities and had fun. Thanks for this review.



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