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Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town with Allen B. Boyer

Top 5 places to visit in a Cozy Town by Bess Bullock, from the Bess Bullock Retirement Home Series

Hello everyone!  Living in a retirement home may not sound all that exciting, but I’ve found a few places close to where I live that have sparked my instincts and led me to some interesting mysteries.

Rockwell Gardens:  Since I love gardening, I jumped at the opportunity to visit the most beautiful garden in the state, Rockwell Gardens.  While I enjoyed strolling around the acres of lush green grounds, not to mention lingering around beautiful flowers, I did found something that took my mind off of flowers and fragrances.  Standing next to a splendid rose bush I spotted a woman with a pair of scissors, ready to snip a rose from a lovely rose bush.  Why would someone want to spoil such natural beauty?  It was a complicated matter that I quickly looked into.  While the rest of my fellow residents enjoyed their day, at Rockwell Gardens I learned about the secret behind one woman’s desire to steal such a beautiful rose.

The Sinkhole Saloon:  While it sounds like a bar, it really is a lovely little restaurant that my husband, Chet, takes me to every Friday for lunch.  It’s located along a road known to have had two sinkholes over the years.  If you decide to go to the Sinkhole Saloon, I’d recommend dining inside, rather than sitting out on their deck.  When Chet and I sit outside in the spring and summer, my eyes keep drifting towards the street in anticipation of yet another sinkhole appearing.

Honey’s General Store:  In a world of fancy computerized stores and clerks with impersonal service, I thank the stars for Honey’s General Store.  The second you step into the store a warm smile can easily be found, along with fresh baked goods and free coffee to drink.  There are always friendly folks to chat with at Honey’s General Store, but soon I began to notice that some folks were always there and they’re smiles weren’t always sincere.  This observation led to an interesting investigation into how appearances can be misleading.
Grantham College:  A private college about ten minutes from the Honey Hills Center, Grantham College is a lovely old college to visit.  It features red brick buildings, some of their walls covered with ivy, with tall oak trees dotting the full green campus.  It is also known for its prestigious culinary program.  I recall a young chef who came to our retirement home from Grantham.  His skills were far better than any chef that ever came to our retirement home. Why would such a skilled chef choose to work in a retirement home?  I thought about that for many days before deciding to seek out the answer to that question.
The Honey Hills Center’s 4th Of July Picnic:  Once a year the spacious grounds of the Honey Hills Center plays host to a lovely evening every 4th of July.  A local orchestra comes and performs.  Free ice cream is served.  The community turns out to sit and enjoy the performance along with us residents.  However, when I first moved into the Honey Hills Center, I got involved in what appeared to be a young woman trying to smother a resident with a pillow.  Of course, it was quite upsetting to see.  I was able to identify the young woman during our July 4th concert.  With music in the air, and stars above, I confronted the woman and missed the final song and the free ice cream.  While I didn’t mind missing the music, I was upset about the ice cream.
Life in a senior center does not sound exciting, but with places like these close by, my instincts for observation and detection don’t seem all that interested in letting me enjoy the quiet idle days of retirement.

Allen B Boyer is the author of the "Bess Bullock Retirement Home" mysteries published by Cozy Cat Press. Check out all the titles on Amazon. 

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