Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town with Sharon Rose Mierke

Five Places to Visit in and around Parson's Cove

1) Mabel's Fables and Things: This is, of course, the number one spot because this little shop filled with nonessential knickknacks, second hand books, and Sadie MacIntosh's preserves, is Mabel Wickle's shop. It's an especially interesting place to check out because last fall it almost burned to the ground. Now, it's repaired as good as new and there's new merchandize on the shelves. Probably the main reason for visiting might be Mabel's coffee. Or one of her famous muffins if you're especially nice.

2) Parson's Cove Lake: The town of Parson's Cove is nestled alongside a rather large lake. There is no official name for it but everyone in town calls it Parson's Cove Lake. It's an easy walk from Main Street to the lake but the real beach is a few miles away from town. Just follow the narrow country road that runs along the lake's edge. Soon, you'll come to a sandy beach. If you look hard enough, you'll see cabins tucked in between bluffs of trees.

3) Krueger's house: Perhaps, this is one house you won't want to enter but you might want to drive by to check out - especially after you find out how many criminals have stayed there. This house is found right behind Mabel's house. Old Mr. and Mrs. Krueger died many years ago and their daughter rents it out as a summer home. Mabel has discovered that most of the renters end up being thieves or murderers. Perhaps, you'd be interested in renting it and staying for a spell?

4) Flori and Jake Flanders's home: Flori and Jake live a few blocks from Mabel's place. The reason their house makes the list is because you are being invited for dinner and Flori is the best cook in Parson's Cove. All you can hope is that none of the rest of her family arrives. Flori is the only sane one of the bunch.

5) Mabel's house: Last but not least. You will especially enjoy visiting with Mabel if you love cats. She started out with one, to keep the field mice out of the house in the fall. Before she knew it, Philip gave birth to a litter of five. She changed Philip's name to Phyllis. Then, the old Tomcat moved in. She has managed to give away two so she's now down to five. 

There are many other quaint places to visit in Parson's Cove; however, I've told you about the ones I thought you'd enjoy the most. If you can't visit in the summer, come in the winter and do some ice fishing!

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