Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town By Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt from the Fuschsia, Minnesota Series by Julie Seedorf

Living in a small town is the best. Small towns make their own rules, are nosy about each other’s lives and accept each other’s quirky personalities. I love living in Fuchsia. It keeps me busy. Something is always happening. I will share my favorite haunts with you.

Ella’s Enchanted Forest: This is one of my favorite hangouts. It’s where I do a little romancing while scarfing up donuts and coffee. It helps to have a forest inside a building where you can chill out and pretend it is summer when the winter snow is flying. Of course that was only before the forest disappeared.

Rack’s Restaurant: I have met many interesting people in Rack’s. I hook many a crooks there. It helps that they protect me from my children when I am dining with my children. They don’t tell my children what I eat when I am by myself because my children would disapprove. The waitresses are great too, at least I thought they were, but that’s a different story. I do get a little romancing here too. Sometimes it’s a romantic place for an old woman.

The Cemetary: I know, it’s a strange place for someone to like. but the fact that I’m not buried there yet makes it one of my favorite places. And it has secrets only I know about.

Abstract: I do my best sleuthing here. I also fell for someone right here in this store. It is a romantic story, well about as much romantic as you can get at my age. I look at the goods but I try not to touch all the enticing merchandise. I leave that to the crooks I catch. Abstract carries the coolest things that you can’t find anywhere else in Minnesota. I like to hang out with the store clerks and sit in my corner and watch people and then I pounce and I make them bounce straight to the hoosegow.

Mrs. Shrill’s House: I love Mrs. Shrill’s house. Of course, I have never been inside. She doesn’t like me. I hang out outside her house and toss Baskerville, her hound, treats. One time I even tossed Mrs. Shrill a treat when she was “tut, tut, tutting” me. Visiting her house gives an old woman energy and laughter and………a little bit of a thrill, rhymes with shrill, when I get the best of her.

Julie Seedorf is the author of Granny Hooks a Crook. Check out her website: and her books on Amazon.

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