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Top 5 Places to Visit in a Cozy Town by Kath Rutledge, from the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries by Molly MacRae

Top 5 Places to Visit in Blue Plum

This was tough. Some of the places are obvious, but I wanted to make it the top 10! This leaves out the Little Buck River and the beautiful quiet cemetery where Granny is buried. (Notice how I sneakily got them in anyway? Hah!)

The Weaver’s Cat – Look in the front windows of the Weaver’s Cat, and see if you can resist the colors and textures of yarns and fabrics on display. Anyone with the least fiber fetish has to work very hard not to salivate when stepping over the threshold. The shop is rarely silent; fondling and cooing are openly encouraged. The Cat is located on Main Street in one of three attached, antebellum, brick houses making up the only row house in Blue Plum. Fiber artists and needle crafters – enter at your own risk!

Mel’s on Main – Another dangerous place! Anyone within a few blocks of Main Street can close her eyes and stumble her way to Mel’s cafĂ© by following her nose to the headwaters of cinnamon, yeast, and whatever spices are dancing through the day’s specials. MMmm – onion soup and crusty cheese, berry pie and rosemary olive oil cake with dark chocolate.

The Holston Homeplace Living History Farm – You could say the Homeplace is Blue Plum’s own miniature version of Williamsburg, except that it’s a farm instead of a city and it represents the early nineteenth century instead of the late eighteenth. But there are costumed guides, historic buildings, and a visit to the heritage breed farm animals in the barn shouldn’t be missed.

The Blue Plum Repertory Theater – It’s a small company, but ambitious. They’ve staged everything from “Macbeth” to their own musical version of Agatha Christie’s “The Mouse Trap.” The theater is in the old train depot and performances “pause” when freights go rumbling and whistling past.

A TGIF meeting – Thank Goodness It’s Fiber (TGIF) is a group of needlework artists, not a place, but attending one of their meetings is usually educational and always entertaining. General membership meetings, with a speaker or demonstration, are held at 7 pm the first Tuesday of each month at the Weaver’s Cat. Special interest groups – Saturday Spinners, for instance, or Wednesday Weavers – meet at various times throughout the month. The knitters who attend Fridays Fast & Furious have set themselves a challenge – knit 1,000 baby hats for charity by the end of the year. They also have an unadvertised sideline in solving crimes, so if you have an itch to investigate a murder, grab your knitting needles and meet them at 4 pm any Friday at the Weaver’s Cat.

Molly MacRae is the author of the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries. The first book, Last Wool and Testament, and the second book, Dyeing Wishes, are available now in paperback, ebook and audio. Shop Amazon for her books

Visit Molly's Pinterest page to see pictures of her imaginary Blue Plum, including pictures and patterns for some of TGIF’s baby hats. Or catch up with Molly on Facebook or at my website.

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